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  1. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    I had 820 hours of clinical over 15 months in a 2nd degree program. There are ways around the 800 hour ahpra requirement, at least, to some extent.
  2. US RN in Oz

    Ask me anything, Australian RN here

    Gday Danceluver. I'm a US nurse working in Australia. Theatre nurse pay is 62k - 80k in AUD p.a. + superfund Yes. Theatre nursing in some demand. Rego process takes about 3 months from the time the final application is submitted.
  3. Hi Meeky, Got a bit easier. I started teaching university nursing students this past year. This helped me, myself, in my own management of the different system when I'm in the wards. Got much better at the paper-based system. I also got mire selective with where I accept shifts via agency. I won't go to sites that I know are a mess.... i.e. frequent lost charts, obscene infection rates, etc. Still terribly inefficient. Just applied to do nurse-led bedside PICC line insertions. Something I've always wanted to do. Fingers crossed =).
  4. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    Hey Brookeee! How's the status of your app? Have they given you a final answer yet?
  5. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    Long story short... A1: This one's going to sound wrong at first. You will not need to send your syllabi from any of your classes, nursing or otherwise. The reason being; what Americans consider a "syllabus" is not what other cultures and educational systems consider a syllabus. Part of the reason the English language is such a pain is because, there are just too many words with multiple definitions. A surprisingly large percentage of words are used differently between the two countries... way more than we anticipate. Words like; faculty, college, syllabus, assignment, and course all have a considerably different meaning. I do not have access to what I used at the moment but, it worked. Got my rego with no extra delays or conditions. A2: No. A3: This depends. Which docos, specifically?
  6. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    For section 10: Nursing school info only. You do not need to put a board of nursing in this section. No need to fill out "additional qualification" part. Title of qualification... Registered Nurse Name of institution... the name of your nursing school (example: University of California). Campus... name of campus (example: San Francisco). County, dates.... self explanatory. Section 17: American transcripts do not typically include this information. The best way to do it would be to simply have official at the school write a letter, on school letterhead, starting that the classes were taught in English. No need to be certified. Like the official transcripts, have the schools send this letter directly to you, then submit with application pack. "Is the Australian government not aware that all classes in the US are taught in English?".... Not all classes in America are taught in English. Although the US has national languages, America does not have an "official" language set at a federal level. Secondly, it is not any countries duty to be fully aware of all aspects of American culture. There are many common errors with this application process. I'd be happy to to critique yours prior to submitting. Let me know.
  7. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    It was to my understanding that if it was within 10% (720 hours and up), it would be ok. This would be particularly true for someone with enough post- nursing-school experience. What are the appeal options? I could certainly help your case. There is no reason for you to take a bridging course or have 3 months direct supervision. It is likely there is a communication barrier due to the differences in education and employment between the two countries. How much work experience do you have? I went to school and worked in America. I now work AND teach in Australia. I am familiar with the two systems and have been able to clear things up between AHPRA and American applicants.
  8. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    Hi Brookeee, I will be interested to know when you are successful with the Aussie registration. Feel free to keep us updated. I am working in Oz right now. I am interested in hearing of your success because, there seems to be a common misconception from American nurses that a BSN would be required for Aussie registration. This simply is not true. American BSN and Aussie bachelor degree are much different. As long as an international nurse meets the Aussie requirements, they're good. It doesn't matter what their degree is called elsewhere. Unfortunately, the misinterpretation deters a lot of ADNs from going for it.
  9. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    The letter from the nursing school and board saying you went to an accredited program, etc. Was one of the early steps. Technically should have been in before you sent in your application. Yes. Typically you need to price your schools were taught in the English language. I was not able to get those from my primary and secondary schools but, I wrote a separate statutory declaration that was strong en might to get through. I did not send in detailed, 3 column outlines for all my classes. I did a detailed one for pharm. The test was just the list of class names and breif description. I had the vice dean of my nursing school put it together. You'll need those specific details for pharm... pharmicodynamics, etc. Also, number of clinical hours. I only had minor issues that were easily fixable.
  10. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    There is quite a difference with legislation from state to state. I am unsure about Queensland. Victoria has ratios for the public system. The money in Australia is in regional, rural, and remote areas. Yes, in the cities, people may be taking a pay cut depending on where they are coming from in America. Overall, on average, US nurses are the second best paid nurses in the world following Luxemburg. Nurses in America are also among the most respected by the public. I have Medicare, which every permanent resident and citizen has. I'm not sure if they have Medicaid. I also have some additional private insurance that is paid for out of pocket. I do not have ACLS or PALS. I think I may be able to contact an American ICU nurse here in Oz to find out. Feel free to contact me at mkclarke73@gmail.com
  11. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    No RTs, no typically no aides. Different lingo, terminology, spelling, and so on. Slow paced. Thru pretty much force you to take a tea break every two hours. There shift handovers on medsurg are hopeless. ED's or more likely to use electronic charting. I'm actually starting to pick up MS shifts at a place that has finally rolled out Cerner Powerchart.... Eastern Health around Melbourne. The pay typically is not as good unless you go remote rural. Then again on average American nurses are the second best paid behind Luxemburg .
  12. US RN in Oz

    Chicago New Grad looking for work in Sydney!

    Wow! That's great, Mary. I was virtually in the same situation. I moved to Melbourne because of my partner's job and was on her visa. I had less than 2 years nursing experience at that point. Once registered, it should not be too difficult to find work. I started working agency shifts 2 days after getting registration. However, it will most likely be different than to what you've been accustomed. Way too much info to post. Feel free to email me at mkclarke73@gmail.com We moved to Melbourne a like over two years ago. Love it. Registration is quite thorough and complicated. If you you need a hand with the registration process or just want out done relatively quickly with no holdups, email contact@oneworldnursing.com
  13. US RN in Oz

    2016 US RN to Australia

    AHPRA representatives will not tell applicants the following... Although the official criteria states 800 hours, they will likely grant you registration if you are within 10% (720 hours or more) if you have additional experience. It's the tribunal's job to recognize qualified nurses. They are not out to disqualify applicants for minor technicalities. It does not hurt to provide additional documentation and statements. Contact me if you need help with that. If a qualified nurse is denied, it is almost alway due to lack of documentation, miscommunication, and/or the applicant not creating solutions.
  14. My apologies. I am already there. Couldn't figure out how to get rid of the post.
  15. US RN in Oz

    Canadian new grad wishing to work in Austraila

    Before you apply, evidence must be provided by your educational institute and BON that the program was accredited. Applications sent in before gaining that permission will be tossed. You will most likely need to coordinate 12 to 18 items for evidence and documentation. This include,but is not limited to; 3-4 pieces of ID, statements from employers, course outlines, proof of clinical hours, secondary and tertiary transcripts, legal declarations, CV, recency of practice, ICHC, continuity of practice, etc. If most everything is done correctly before sending it in, approval typically take 3 mints or so. Ïf there are issues and communication barriers are in play, it can take several month, even over a year and end up with disappointing results. The overwhelming reasons why qualified international applicant are denied, or asked to take expensive bridging programs, is die to lack of sufficient evidence and incomplete forms. Mine took 3 months 2 days =). Good luck.
  16. US RN in Oz

    Moving to Australia with ASN?

    It is possible although, very difficult. To become an RN in Australia, you must be at a level 7 in Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) or higher. Level 7 is the AQF level for bachelor degrees in Australia. This do not mean you need to have a bachelor's degree from America but, you would have to prove you covered all the criteria of an AQF level seven.