Fundamentals of Nursing book (Potter and Perry)

  1. Does anyone know what is the difference between the australian version and the american version ?

    Is it just the spelling difference (american versus british) alone or are the nursing procedures different ?

    I am just wondering whether I can just buy the american version.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Buy the American version - I don't think there IS a modified version for Aus.
  4. by   AussieTina
    My Fundamentals of Nursing is the Australian and New Zealand version.

    But I don't know what the difference is. It just says that they have added local content, method and skills.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Hmmm - Potter and Perry is used quite a bit in the states - I too wonder if there is a difference.
  6. by   lizprn06
    I don't know the difference between the American and the Australian version, but I do know it is an excellent textbook. I used way beyond my first semester of nursing school. Most of the rationales for my careplans came from it. If I didn't understand something in my med/surg text, I'd look it up in P&P because the explanations were easy to understand.
  7. by   Levin
    Agreed, on the whole I prefer P&P over Tabbner.
    P&P will build your muscles too

  8. by   monstermunch
    The Australian version of the Potter and Perry book is written by Crisp and Taylor. I would recommend that you buy the Australian version, Uni's have a tendency to want you to use Australian references as much as possible. It does address Australian nursing, so it is not just spelling changes that have been made. It still uses a lot of American data though.
    Isn't it easier for you to buy the Australian version, that was the only version that my Uni stocked.
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    I'm gonna bet that the difference would be cultural and disease-specific focus on aboriginal Australian folks rather than African Americans and Hispanics. And if you have half a clue you know those already.
  10. by   kaiclassic132002
    I live in Ca, and I have the South Asia edition (International Edition) of Fundamentals of Nursing by Perry and Potter; my book was written By Perry and Potter. It was half the price than the US edition and I have compared it to my classmates US edition and they are identical. If you can afford to pay for the US edition then by all means do so. It would probably give you peace of mind. But if you don't have the funds, like I didn't, then go ahead and buy an International edition, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you should be able to return it. Get the book compare it to the US edition and if it doesn't match then return it and search for a used Fundamentals book.You could even start out searching for a used book and if your unsuccessful or you would much rather prefer a new book (like I did) then search for a new International edition.
    Good luck to all!!!!!
  11. by   frellyou
    The 3rd edition has been rewritten from an Australian perspective, whereas the 2nd Australian one has amendments tacked on to the American edition and I think the units changed (so the 3rd edition is a lot lighter and more streamline). The social issues and healthcare systems considered are the Australian and NZ one. I don't know why you'd even think about getting the American one if you're studying in Australia, unless there was a hell of a big discount.