First Prac...

  1. Hi everyone!! Well, on Monday I have my very first prac in the hospital..

    I am scared/nervous/excited all at once - a very horrible emotion.
    I will be on a gyno ward, week one am's, week two pm's.

    So any advice on what this this little stray should expect?!!

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  3. by   NickCave
    What to expect depends entirely on who you work with and how receptive they are to Student Nurses.

    As far as Gynae nursing goes, you can expect a lot of emotional women (losing babies, losing the ability to have babies, cancer etc). That said it's generally very "light" as far as nursing goes and generally a very pleasant start to your career.

    The best thing a student can do is to pre-empt everything. That might be checking PV Loss on a post operative/PV loss patient, getting stuck into post op vital signs, checking IV's before they run out (if they're not on a pump) and also providing an ear to women who've undergone hysterectomy. Just try and stay 1 step ahead of your RN; read up on gynae conditions that you might be looking after and volunteer to do something rather than waiting to be asked.

    Above all, relax and enjoy yourself!
  4. by   nyapa
    Don't forget - ask questions! Oh, and show your preceptor at the beginning what skills and goals you are supposed to develop.

    We were told to ask in handover that if there were any procedures that were either interesting, important to learn, or to tick off on your skills list, then let them know to call you. However that depends on how your programme and your host hospital has organised things.
  5. by   SpudsMomGuinea
    I have my own aged care prac of three weeks in another two weeks and while I was once in industry as a carer, going in as EN is totally different and I'm nervous too.

    So I'll simply say "good bl**dy luck to you..." and hope that you enjoy it. Sorry, I can't offer much more than that.
  6. by   BRAGGY
    Pretty nerve racking stuff, real patients and not just dummies. Apart from all of the clinical opportunities in your placement I think picking up on time management if you can will be really helpful and ask plenty of qestions, as the saying goes, the only dumb question is the one that you did not ask.

    Another golden opportunity with your clinical rotations is to find out both good and bad areas of nursing to work in. Ask the nurses what they think of their ward and their staffing levels as well the shift rotations they work. All knowledge is good and will certainly help you with your future career. I have a few post on this site that may be worth having a look at and some interesting links.

    Good Luck
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  7. by   AussieTina
    So hows the prac going?

    You are so lucky, they don't allow students to go onto those wards here
  8. by   Scrubby
    My advice is to write everything down in a notebook, where stuff is kept, medication information i.e dosages and effect etc. This should impress the nurses you will be working with and show them that you take your placement seriously.

    Also don't be afraid to ask any questions. If there is an opportunity for you to practice some skills then put your hand up to give it a go.
  9. by   AusNurse2B
    Thanks for the encouraging words!!

    So, I am half way through and LOVING it!! My facilitator is awesome (who gave me a glowing interim report!), the staff are great and the pts are easy going. Our scope of practice is very limited, but I have still had the opportunity to watch and learn for future reference!!

    I got a bit upset day three, as I was watching a Bella vac being taken out of a lady's abdo, and got really light headed and a bit queezy, as it was a bit of a gusher!! I had to excuse myself and recompose, at that point I thought I am not cut out for this... but carried on with things. The opportunity came for me to watch another one, and this one was fine. Phew!! I put it down to it was the first time I saw anything like that.
    Day two when I walked in, I was greeted with words that a first year student doesn't really want to hear... "Oh goody students! That's great because we are short staffed today!" LOL

    So I am really tired as we were starting at 0645 and not used to running around like a crazy woman for seven hours!! I have an exam to go to today, and rest tomorrow and then one more week doing afternoon shifts.

    Maybe next week I will have some bedpans, spew and poo to clean up as I haven't had to do any of that yet!! hmmmm, but do I really want to???? :spin:
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  10. by   nyapa
    Oh, I'm so glad you are enjoying it. Hard yakka, some not so nice sights, but you have still got your gloves on and getting into the thick of it. And it is so good that you have an excellent facilitator. As to the'll find that somewhere shortly
  11. by   Scrubber
    Hi Ausnurse2b,

    i remember feeling the very same things you felt on the first day.
    everyone was really nice. some nurses wanted to let me do things that were outside my learning scope of practice. if we hadnt done it at uni, we didnt do it on prac. all i did was obs, talked to patients, showers, meds etc.
    i have ended up working in the hospital where i did my first prac, only it is in theatre, i am almost finished my grad year. it has been a hard year but worth it, and i still have alot to learn.

    ask the ward if you can follow a patient through to theatre and then look after them when they return. it really helps you put the whole process together and understand things when you see what happens to the patient and why they have pain, etc.
    i followed patients through every chance i im in theatre and i loveit, but its not for everyone, you either love it or hate it.
    anyway good luck and enjoy.
    i have learnt they dont expect yo to know everything, so dont act like you do and you will be fine.

  12. by   AusNurse2B
    Prac was unreal!! I have had a ball, loved every minute it must have showed because I ended up with a top report!!

    I wanna go back :uhoh21: I don't want to be on holidays now!!! :trout: I did nearly cry when we had to finish...whereas all the younguns' were excited to finish.