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  1. Hi guys....
    I need help n information
    Guys. I'm working in one of clinic in Riyadh, saudi arabia. 4 months ago, my mudeer (manager of my clinic.) called me, he told me to stop working as nurse, because MOH noticed my employment certificate is fake. Actually, my agent made my employment certificate. So its not original. Now, its already 4 months I stop working. My mudeer dont let me go home. Because He said, MOH doesnt allow me to go home, even for vacation for 1 or 2 months untuk my case finish. But until now, its already 4 months, i dont have information yet about my case, even if I ask my mudeer they only said " wait ". Before He offered me to work as istiqbal(receptionist), i worked for almost 3 months, after that i stop because i have problem, and now I stop working and only stay in dorm without working and salary.
    Guys i need your help n some information.
    I afraid, my mudeer only hold me, because i feel MOH is not processing my case, because if I am being proceesed, MOH will call me for investigation, but its not happened to me. I afraid its only from my clinic to get benefit from my case. Am I correct ?
    Do you have experience same as mine?
    Do you have some devices / suggestions / the way to finish my case.
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  3. by   1992raya
    I'm really stuck. Sometimes , i cry, Now i'm feeling regret, why I Agree to make that fake certificate. Now im im problem. I'm always playing, I hope God can forgive my mistake to make Him dissapointed. I hope still a way for me to work as nurse again. I know there is impossible for GOD. Amin
  4. by   twinmommy+2
    Ok so you did make a false certificate saying you were a nurse and you really are not a nurse. I wish I knew more about how the clinics work where you are from but it sounds like you need to take what they give to you. Learn from what you did wrong and don't do it again.
  5. by   1992raya
    Please guys help me.
  6. by   1992raya
    I'm originally nurse. But my working sertificate is fake.
  7. by   Double-Helix
    It’s unlikely that anyone on this forum will be able to help you. You’re working in Saudi Arabia, where the rules and processes are completely different than the US and Canada, where most of the members here are from. Are you a citizen of Saudi Arabia or another country? I honestly have no idea where to direct you for information because I’m not at all familiar with nursing or working in Saudi Arabia.
  8. by   1992raya
    I'm not citizen of saudi arabia.
    I hope God can give me a way. Now, i get to contact our embassu to give the solution and help my case.
  9. by   JKL33
    How did this come about (why did you need/agree to have a fake certificate)? Where is your original certificate and why don't you have it?
  10. by   caliotter3
    Allow your embassy to assist you. If this does not help, contact the media in your home country. There has been media input about 'nurses' being held against their will in middle eastern areas, a reason why foreign credentialed nurses should consider carefully where they go for employment.
  11. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Contact your embassy or an attorney. Presenting fraudulent credentials can lead to jail time. You knowingly allowe a fake credential to be passed and got caught. You are now stuck with no income. And you had a "problem" working as a receptionist? Did they make you stop working? Is this "problem" going to make your situation with MoH worse?
  12. by   Gleizih
    How was your case going?
  13. by   1992raya
    I contacted my embassy. And Praise the Lord, they are trying to solve the problem, through calling the owner of our agency.
    I hope after that there will be a way for me.
    I will thing first your idea to contact media in my home country. Before, i have thought of that, but im afraid it become worst. I afraid that my name will spread in my country. Its embarassing me and my family. But thank you for your idea
  14. by   Edxy24
    You should ask your relative to report in your embassy. Which country are you from?