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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for this forum. I would appreciate if anyone can share your student life experience as nursing student. I have a dutch nationality and am planning to study nursing in one... Read More

  1. by   XB9S
    In the UK the clinical aspects are part of the nurse training so once you have been accepted onto the course you they university will have already organised your clinical placements for you. You won't be paid to do the clinical aspects of the training as it is part of your university course as you are still a student and supernumerary. Some students join the nurse bank at their hospitals and work extra to help earn a little extra money.

    You say that Dutch is not your native language, could ask where you are from then, I am assuming you are a europan citizen as this will affect your ability to get a place in a UK university nursing.

    As far as training in the Philippines, I really don't know enough about it to comment, I imagine you would have to be able to speak the language to train and work there and from what I have read on the Philippine forum getting work after you qualify is difficult as there are lots of nurses out of work.

    Without 2 years experience the NMC will not consider you for the overseas nurses program which you will have to do if you have trained outside the EU.
  2. by   baliling
    Hi Sharrie,

    This is very clear, thanks a lot. I am originally from the Philippines but have been out of the country since 2002, though visits philippines every year (except 2008 ask I was so focused with learning and taking dutch courses) for holidays and reading news about the country. so i am not so much behind on the current issues, especially the nursing issues.

    about nursing finding working in the philippines, i notice most of the posters in these site are from manila. I am not worried finding job after graduation, as I am certain, there are so many hospitals in the provinces who are in need of nurses, of course they are reluctant to hire new staff even though they badly need them, it's bec. they have no budget to pay for new staff but I am willing to do voluntary nursing job as long as it has the same recognition as paid nurse. Does voluntary nursing role count for NMC? more so, there are so many Non Government Organization which has health projects around the world,which i think I can work and offer my services. I would be happy to volunteer. Even several UN agencies are in need of nurses. So, i don't worry too much of not getting a job. if in worst scenario, i would not find any hospitals or organisations where I can volunteer as a registered nurse. I have a big plan, i will organised interested unemployed skilled and registered nurses and we'll form a nurse volunteer brigade for mindanaw, but they have to be ready to come to conflict areas and not picky and respect the culture and be ready to adopt the local life. I have work in many conflict areas. War zone in only 3 countries in Asia and witnessed children, women, old dying without getting any medical help. And thought while doing my job there that only if I have medical professional skills i could have done more. and That is why I leave my UN job and now I am preparing myself to become one of you all. I am interested about getting NMC and dutch IB-group registration only because I live here, and it just practical for me to do so but my main goal is to work for ICRC, or doctors without borders. I just hope that my husband won't read this forum as he is not happy about the idea of me going to conflict countries again, or that i am secretly thinking about that again, but maybe later I can convince him. I always believed that if I am willing to sacrifice. i know i would get to my goal. So what do you think? thanks for more insights.
  3. by   ayla2004
    If you have resident right=s in the netherlands not nessacry EU citzenship but i am not sure) you may get your fees funded but would have to work as a support worker/hac/aux nurse.
    Voluntering in the philpines as you can't get paid employment does not cout as a experince by the NMC.
    Volunting in ngo etc only want experinces nurses not newlty qualifed as they can't support thoug the transtion from student to RN and it is the wrong placve for a NQ nurse to be.
    I would try for the UK my mate has a uk resident japanes woman as a class mate when a student nurse so its resisency status not countyr of brith that is important.
  4. by   baliling
    Indeed, studying in the UK is more advisable as I don't have to go through the trouble of supplying requirements to NMC or here in the Netherlands as foreign educated nurse. Thank you both I have to more in my personal statement.
  5. by   XB9S
    Please let us know how you get on with your application
  6. by   baliling
    hi Sharrie and Ayla, thanks for responding to my questions. I really pray I'll get an offer even though Unis provided no assurance as I am already late but I can still catch up to the clearing though. This is really what I wanted to do, it will cost me all of my savings and maybe even in debt even before I graduate, but I won't mind. if I won't get a place for this school year (2009) then my last option is Phil, I don't want to miss another year. Thanks a lot. I'll let you know.

    peace and love
  7. by   baliling
    Hi Sharrie and Ayla,

    Thank you so much for sharing your help and valuable time. it really helps a lot in making a well informed decision. I just finished writing draft of my PS. It is always wise to have it read by someone willing to make comments. I need again your help, constructive comments, so that I can refine it before sending my application. Please let me know if it's fine with you and if i could post it here?

    thank you so much.
  8. by   baliling

    I just realised. I think it is not safe to post my PS here, before submitting it UCAS to avoid plagiarism. I am afraid I miss your valuable comments as I have no other means to reach you.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from baliling

    I just realised. I think it is not safe to post my PS here, before submitting it UCAS to avoid plagiarism. I am afraid I miss your valuable comments as I have no other means to reach you.
    You could always send them a pm as you can now send them
  10. by   baliling
    hi Silverdragon, how can I send pm? do I have to become a platinum member or register to other services? thanks.
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    Quote from baliling
    hi Silverdragon, how can I send pm? do I have to become a platinum member or register to other services? thanks.
    To send a pm you do not need to be a paid member just need more than 15 posts to your name (you do ) If you look under member's name you should see a small icon that looks like a paper and pencil, just click on that and type a way
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    thanks a lot, in that case no other person can see my post except to the intended receiver?
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    pm means private message so only you and the intended person can see it