Douglas College in BC??

  1. Hey There,

    I am looking into becoming an RN and getting my BsN. Has anyone attended or is attending Douglas College in British Columbia? It looks like they are a decent program and offer a lot of practical experience. I haven't been able to find anyone who has attended there and want to get some opinions of the program there.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Will move to Canadian forum since you are asking a question about a specific region.
  4. by   Teebee5
    I as well am wondering if this is a good school too!
  5. by   rkdalswjd
    Yes it is a good school in B.C.
    Even if it is a college, it offers Bachelor degree and lots of practicums.
    If you are not planning to do master's degree, it is a good school.
  6. by   _Angel_
    Why do you say that it's a good school if you're not considering in doing a master's degree? Is it not possibly to get admitted into schools that offer the MSN if we do BSN's from Douglas?
  7. by   rkdalswjd
    You still can go and pursue your masters.
    Two of my friends went to Douglas so I know that Douglas does not offer statistics or research courses which might be very useful when you go do your masters.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Wait a sec, Statistics is a requirement of the BScN courses in Alberta.
  9. by   Teebee5
    in different provences have different requirements...
  10. by   riverkinz
    I am a douglas grad and it is a good school. The practicums were really really good. Great instructors. You can get your degree and then it is totally transferrable to university to get your masters.

    However I would choose BCIT because they have an accelerated nursing program you can do in 3 years instead of 4 !!! that is a good school too.