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Can someone post the countries that will be affected by retrogression please, thanks alot.... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from PenoiRN
    OMG! WHen will this retrogression end?
    You are looking at five years plus at this time if you are just starting the petitioning procedures and we expect it to get longer in time, not shorter. And this is based on the fact that there are more and more enrolled in nursing school in your country that wish to work in the US. The US still only grants just under 10,000 green cards per year for those from your country that are under the EB-3 classification and that is what most RNs are under. That number also includes spouses and children, plus those from other professions that can qualify for that designation.

    As the number of applicants goes up, then the chances go down that someone will get a visa. It is called supply and demand. We do not expect to see a change in the number of visas, has not changed in quite sometime either.
  2. by   canne new here..i just wanted to ask, what is retrogression? a bit confused..
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    Quote from canne new here..i just wanted to ask, what is retrogression? a bit confused..
    Much has already been written on what is retrogression but basically there are no visas and dates have regressed and may very each month depending on visa allocation. Currently the category most nurses come under EB3 which date of processing currently for Philippines and The rest of the world is Nov 2002 and India, China and Mexico is 2001. If you are looking at moving to the US and work would suggest you look else where and gain experience or stay in the Philippines and gain experience

    Would recommend a good read in this forum and also try the search facility with keyword Retrogression
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    The DS published the statistics about EB visas used in FY 2006.
    The Philippines alone used 20,289 "Schedule A" visas in FY 2006.
    That's more then 40% of the quota used by the single country!
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    This thread was started in October, 2006 prior to this retrogression starting.

    As we are all aware of by now, the retrogression is affecting all at this time.

    Going to close this thread since there are many more that are much more current to what is happening at this time.