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Hi everybody, i just want to solicite some advice from u if u could help me find a better review center for cgfns. ur help is very much appreciated. :idea:... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from 010507
    if u want to work in europe and u have cgfns cert this doesn't give u an "employment points". my friend took only the ielts as required in one state of europe and only completed other requirements needed by that state but not cgfns. as what lawrence01 said it is only a requirement if u go to the USA. try to locate a state in europe where u wanted to work then look for their reqts. hope this helps
    Europe does not have states, they have countries. Each country has its own requirements. And right now, before starting anything for any country in Europe, check to find out what is happening with hiring there. Many are having freezes on licensing, and visas for foreign nurses.

    The IELTS series has actually been the required English exam for years and years in Europe and other countries. US used the TOEFL series and that only for years, but several years ago, when the TOEFL, TSE, and TWE were individual exams, there was usually a wait of about 90 days plus to get the TSE done and that was not held all over. The US has only been accepting it for less than five years.
  2. by   010507
    thanks for the correction suzzane.:angel2:
  3. by   shiobe
    Hi really worried about my purchase of CGFNS certification program. If i will cancel it can i take some refunds of it? how much is it?
    im planning to skip the exam and purchase the CES report. since its the one required on mbon.
  4. by   suzanne4
    CGFNS does not normally issue a refund any more, they look at each case on an individual basis. There is no guarantee that they will give you back any of that money or let it be used for another program.

    Best suggestion is to contact them, and this is another reason that I tell everyone to do their homework before sending in one application to anywhere. Once it is mailed, many times it is too late to make changes.

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