Canadian LPN poll

  1. How long have you been an LPN?

    What city do you work in?

    How are the LPN employment prospects in your area?

    Do you work in a hospital/public nursing home or LTC/private nursing home or LTC/doctors office/other?

    What is the starting wage and top end wage for an LPN in your area?

    Will you go on become an RN/BSN?

    Any other interesting tidbits about being a Canadian LPN?

    (I'm 30, live in the Okanagan in BC and hoping to get into the LPN course this fall. Just trying to gather some info on being an LPN accross the country )
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  3. by   Fiona59
    LPN for 6 years.

    Work on a postpartum unit. Loads of work in my area.

    Have no desire to go onto BScN, the bridge came too late for me. There are many things that I would rather be doing in my 50's than repaying student loans (I'd have to work full time to do that).

    Scope of practice is defined by the health region. So, I do everything except IM and IV starts and meds. However, LPN's in my region are starting IVs and doing there own meds in some hospital here due to the nursing shortage. Dialysis PN's do their own IV meds.

    Wages top off at around $21 and change. Our union has some serious bargaining ahead of them. Some clerks in London Drugs are making nearly as much as a new grad.
  4. by   Paprikat
    LPN for 10 years. Live in PoCo, work in Surrey.
    Work in LTC, same job for 10 years...scary!
    We are currently looking for 8 full time LPN's in my facility alone, not to mention casuals. I would like to get my RN someday, if possible, but right now I am expecting in May, and $$ will be tight. I have looked in to Athabasca and may do that. I work full scope...I do everything the RN does at my facility - IM, all meds, narcs, treatments, we don't have IV's in my facility, pronounce death, take/transcribe MD orders as well as team leader for 5 care aides.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Hey Paprikat, all of Athabasca's clinicals are in Alberta with no guarantee of where they will be. Heard of nurses in Edmonton going to Calgary and Lethbridge. Plus you have to get an Alberta LPN license.

    Just warning you...
  6. by   Happytocare
    Been a LPN for 4 years
    Started off in Alberta,moved to Winnipeg been nursing in a private LTC Specialized Dementia unit for four years wage $22.60/hr evening premium $1.00,
    weekend end premium $1.35. The union is pretty good. Top wage year 6 $24.29
    Job market is good
    I am completely happy being an LPN!
    We practise within the province's Standards of Practise
    I start IV's, do catherization administer antibiotic IV's, IM's, there are specialty courses you can take to work on dialysis units
    LPNs work in all areas of medicine, surgery ,pediatrics geriatrics, etc etc
    I've also heard that the LPN courses in other provinces are not all the same so if you plan to stay in B.C that's okay if not it might be a good idea to explore your options
  7. by   Paprikat
    Hi Fiona, thanks for the info. I was aware of the Alta. license requirements and that I would have to do the practicums in Alberta, but I didn't realize they could send you where ever. I have family in Calgary, so I just thought I would go there, but I guess maybe not
    I was hoping sometime in the near future BC would offer something to help LPN's get their BSN's, seeing how short they are for nurses!!
  8. by   Mischa G
    I've been an RPN (LPN) for over 5 years. I like depends on where you work cause one job differs from the other.

    I work in Ottawa in a Retirement Home. I will know this week if I got a job at the hospital in the medical unit.

    They need LOTS of LPN's!! Where I work they are running out of nurses so they are compensating with UCP's (Unregulated Care Providers) It's sickening and more work for us nurses cause obviously UCP's are limited in work tasks.

    I thought of RN and the pay is nicer but of course with more responsibilities..example taking care of stable pt's, taking telephone dr's orders..etc. Here RN's start @ $23.80/hour. (that's at the hospital in a medical unit)

    Regarding pay rate, it's bad cause I'm working in a private care facility. To start, you can believe me if you want but it's $13.00/hour for LPN's!! But don't let that infulence you in thinking LPN's get a bad pay. Employees in private facilities are USUALLY under paid and work hard!!!

    My potential job at the hospital would pay $21.00/hour and a raise in 3 months depending on how many hours I worked in my career.

    My advice, be yourself, believe in yourself..sometimes school have it's up's and down's but it's worth it at the end. Good luck!
  9. by   lpnstudent2006
    Just to inform you that I am a new grad from BC and I did'nt have to do any practicums here all I had to do is apply to the CLPNA for out of province registration and all together it cost me 401.00. There are really good insentive packages they offer here in Alberta for nurses to sign up for 2 years..
  10. by   Fiona59
    The practicums we were discussing are part of the LPN-RN bridge offered by Athabasca University.

    Transferring your license from province to province is pretty straight forward unless you move to BC they can take forever to do the paperwork and took forever to respond to calls, emails, etc.

    Oh, and the incentives are usually only offered by LTC private companies. Haven't heard of any active treatment hospitals offering them.
  11. by   OgopogoLPN
    Quote from lpnstudent2006
    Just to inform you that I am a new grad from BC and I did'nt have to do any practicums here all I had to do is apply to the CLPNA for out of province registration and all together it cost me 401.00. There are really good insentive packages they offer here in Alberta for nurses to sign up for 2 years..

    It is my understanding the on average, an LPN earns more in BC than in Alberta. Starting wage at the hospital is around $21.00. I belive some private facilities pay more.

    Plus, I own a house here, have a child in school, my husband has a job here. We're not moving to Alberta, but that is great that some places are offering incentives!!
  12. by   linzz
    I am from Ontario and I would love to go to Alberta but my husband has a good job here, we have two kids in school and a house. My cousin moved there four years ago and has never looked back. I have heard that it is expensive for housing there but so is Toronto and other areas of Ontario.
  13. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Housing prices out here have really gotten out of hand, and they're only going to get worse. The economists are predicting at least a 15 % increase this year, but they said that last year and it was closer to 26%. We bought our nothing-to-write-home-about house in a suburb of Edmonton 5 years ago for $160k after being told by a realtor that we were paying too much then we put about $45k into in in renovations and it's been appraised by the bank now for $335k. With the right realtor, we could probably get even more. So I'd advise anyone who is thinking about moving out here to do it sooner rather than later. Otherwise you won't be able to afford it!
  14. by   Fiona59
    Oh and just to add that AUPE PN's loose their single line overtime pay effective April 1st unless they are full time employees. Now the hospitals expect us to work every weekend. Part-timers are no longer entitled to designated days off. Expect our next contract to be hard fought. So far no other nursing staff (part-time) have lost their single slash days, something the employers told us would happen.

    Never mind the house prices, what about the ever increasing property taxes and utility/user fees....