CAN Armed Forces, corrections or Saudi?

  1. Hello there,

    I am a 4th year nursing degree student considering my future career path.

    I am considering joining the armed forces, however the recruiters would not give me any straight answers. I would love this career, but I am worried that I would be signing my life away. I was told that they could place me ANYWHERE in Canada (even Alert) and I could not say or do much about it. Is this true?

    I would love to talk to or get a post from a nurse working in a correctional facilty in southern Ontario. How do you like this area. Is it something you would recommend? What are your duties, whatever you like to tell me.

    Finally, to the nurses that have worked in Saudi...can you tell me about your experiences there? Where you harassed or treated well by the Saudi population. What are the do's and don't there, for males & females? How much do they pay? Do you have a horror or inspirational story to tell?

    I have checked many web sites however I need first hand, uncensored info. Please post any information you may have.

    Thank you in advance,
    Zhakrin, BScN(c)
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  3. by   disher
    Zhakrin, the choices you are considering are all in environments structured with even more RULES then a hospital. Are you comfortable with structure and taking orders? Some of us are not, so the Forces are not an option. As far as nurses with experience working in correctional facilities, the ones I know were "street smart", good with psych and gave a lot of meds. Sorry, can't speak on nurses with Saudi experience.
  4. by   fergus51
    You'll need at least 2 years of experience before going to Saudi Arabia, so i wouldn't worry about that too much right now.
  5. by   Zhakrin
    Thank you both for replying, however I am well aware of the requirements to get to Saudi and that military nursing is more rule oriented. The knowledge I need right now is what kind of rules? what are the realities of these enviroments? Is the info on the web accurate? Etc...

    Also I need some honest, straight forward info on these areas of nursing so that I can plan my next few years appropiately.

    If a swimmer does not set a goal, their just threading water.

    I am the type of person that has to research things before I commit to them. I am also the type that continually needsto have several options available for consideration, in case I have to alter my 5 year plan. Sounds like OCD, I know, but it helps to give me direction and make nursing into a career, instead of a job.


    PS I was a paramedic for several years before going into nursing, so I think that I have developed some "street smarts". LOL
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  6. by   live4today

    I was a little bit unsure of whether or not you were "for real" here by the questions you asked. But after reading some of your other post in various forums just now, I can honestly say: You are for real!!! :chuckle My hesitancy in giving you answers to your questions was due to my being a military spouse, and having attended too many darn spousal support meetings on "how to recognize the enemy" :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    Forgive me for thinking you were not for "real" here. Welcome! Love your name! What does it mean?
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  7. by   Zhakrin
    Ah what was that about?

    I am a 4th nursing student in Toronto. In 1994 I graduated as a paramedic and worked for several service in southern ontario. Since the jobs were causal or part-time and full-time was as imaginary as unicorns I decided to further my education. so in 1998 I went back to school.

    I am not looking for Top Secret information, Renee! I only wanted to know how much control will I really have in the military. I want to start a family one day and was worried that I would be forced to relocate. Also in canada a direct entry nurse officer must commit for 9yrs and that is a big commitment.

    As for my name its from the book "rose of the prophet" by weis & hickman. I am canadian, causain and concerned that new members are being treated like this.

  8. by   donmurray
    Zakhrin, welcome to the board, please, don't judge us all by one individual.
  9. by   Zhakrin
    BTW Renee,

    Would I have been more to your liking if I had chosen a name like "Nurse Smith" and had a care bear as a avatar?

    I am a guy with a fun side, so I picked the little devil. If you are trying to say that I have devious plans because of my choice of name then you are guilty of the worst kind of generalizations.

    Oh well, paranoia is quickly become the fastest growing religion now so who knows......

    .......Maybe my Newfie brothers & sisters should take over the world....


    PS: To Renee. . .that was a joke so please dont call the FBI
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  10. by   live4today
    Dear Zhakrin,

    You have my sincere heart-felt apology for questioning your purpose of asking about America's military, etc. I hope now that you know the rationale behind my 'paranoia', you'll find room in your heart to forgive me. I have nothing against you, especially now that I have read your other post, and truly believe you are sincere in your search for answers regarding the military. Again, I am sorry! :kiss

    Being that I am a military spouse, and have also worked as a Civilian Department of Defense RN in the military hospitals (another reason for my 'paranoia':chuckle ), I would be happy to share with you from my perspective about joining the military as a nurse, that is if you'd like me to. Please don't judge me based on my skepticism. During war times (as we are now involved in with Afghanistan), military spouses are trained through family support groups to be on HIGH ALERT! Liken it to being "shell shocked" if that helps you understand the paranoia better.

    It is true that once you sign on the dotted line, your "arse" belongs to Uncle Sam - hook, line, and sinker! People who join the military as officers often have to commit to a certain number of years, especially if that person's college tuition was paid for through an ROTC scholarship. During war times, it's next to impossible for any soldier to get out of the military, and depending on the date of some soldiers exit from the service, they can be called back on Active Duty during war times.

    As a military nurse, the Air Force is the best of all the Armed Forces to join, but they don't make rank as fast. They do go to better duty stations, and are treated so much better than the other branch of services. They have money, so they get better treatment, better housing, and are often the less stressed of all the branch services.

    If I can be of further help to you, please know that I will be happy to. As an American, and as an American Soldier's wife, I hope you can understand the precautions I take when I get a sense of uncertainty about someone. It's just an automatic protection mechanism instilled in me for being a "career soldier's military wife".
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  11. by   Zhakrin
    Still looking for informative replies,

    anyone out this this thing working...(tap,tap)...i think I broke it...Hello, speak up please!!!

    LOL just kidding!
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  13. by   Mary Dover
    Zhakrin- according to recent posts, 'aussie oi oi oi' indicates he/she is in Saudi. Might be someone to which to direct some of your questions.
  14. by   Zhakrin

    thank you for the appology, but this is being posted on the Canadian site. I had wanted to join the Canadian armed forces not the American. I am sure Uncle Sam is a merry old sole, but blue is just not my color.

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    My name IS joe and I am canadian!

    Sorry not bashing anyone just had a commerial flashback!

    PS thanks Mary I will keep that in mind.