1. Hi guys, California board of nursing has their own credential evaluation service correct? Has anyone ever heard of IERF (International Educational Research Foundation)? Apparently CA BON accepts credential evaluation from IERF >>

    So if someone chooses to evaluate my credentials through IERF, the breakdown of the Nursing Program doesn't need to be sent to CA BON anymore right?
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Contact licensing through the CA BRN and ask them that question. It may take a few times but they do answer emails. You just need to keep contacting them. Good Luck
  4. by   elkpark
    I would verify that information with the CA BRN before taking any further steps.
  5. by   miasat
    i desperately need your help, for people who have dealt with ierf.
    i passed my nclex last year, through the california BON. I am now based in canada, have a canadian license, but do not have a SSN so i cannot get a USRN license through california. i then figured maybe i could go through vermont licensing board, since they can give me a license without the ssn, as long as i have the pass letter from cali. One other requirement is a CeS which I could get through cgfns or ierf. I do not know what i was thinking but instead of going through the more familiar cgfns, i applied and paid for the fees in ierf!!!!
    It's been almost a year since then, and they have been asking for a course description from my school (i went to nursing school in the Philippines), of which they never seem to be satisfied with my school is sending. And after a looong and cranky phone call to them, they finally admitted they have NEVER verified someone from the school i went to. All the other graduates of my school went to CGFNS to have their papers verified, not ierf, so nobody`s heard of ierf, and my school just don`t know how to respond to what they want!
    I`m so frustrated now, I wanted to pull out all the documents I sent to them, since it cost a lot of $$$ to file. They refuse to send them back! And they`re charging me an extra 80$ since apparently the documents were not submitted on time (since it`s not complete)-- and they havent done anything YET!
    Right now, my problem is.. should i just cut my losses, and start from scratch this time with CGFNS?
    Now my question is this.. (after that very long intro)
    I am a canadian licensed nurse, wanting to work in the US. I have my nclex from cali board, hoping to get licensed through vermont (since i have no ssn.) I know i will need a visa screen for the TN visa which i hope to apply for next year. The visa screen is issued by cgfns? should i just give up on ierf, tell them to shove my papers up their...and go to cgfns? if i have a visa screen by cgfns, is this accepted by the vermont board of nursing? does anyone know the answer to my questions?
    so confused. and overwhelmed. im trying to read the vermont board requirements again, and the words are just blurry thanks amigos!
  6. by   healthdesk
    @miasat: Lets get things straighten out here...So you passed the NCLEX through CA BON, now without the SSN they will not issue your license and you know that, then you have decided to transfer your file to Vermont, do you intend to work there? The reason I'm asking is you mentioned about wanting to work in the States in the future through the TN route, and it is unclear to me if you are aware of the fact that a job offer is a requirement for this type of visa. Just to give you a clearer picture; by having your license in Vermont means you can accept employment in Vermont, therefore this is where you will be fulfilling the job offer requirement for TN and be advised that you also consider the bleak job market in the States today. I assume you are a Canadian citizen as this is also a requirement.

    Anyway, why you decided to take the road less taken and choose IERF is beyond me, but if you have paid the fee they require then you have all the right to ask what is due you, but make sure you contact them directly and clearly explain your predicament.

    Visascreen is different from CES, you cannot use one in lieu of the other. CES is for Credentials Evaluation commonly used by State boards and is issued by CGFNS, Visascreen is a requirement for issuing visas and is issued by ICHP-CGFNS.

    Sometimes what seem to be "short cuts" or "cheaper alternatives" are actually the opposite.

    Best of luck to you.
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  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Are you or will you be a Canadian citizen? If not then you can not apply for TN visa. Having a Canadian license is not enough for the NAFTA visa
  8. by   miasat
    hi silverdragon and helpdesk, thanks for the reply. by my previous post, you can probably tell that i'm all mixed up..

    i am a permanent resident of canada, and i can apply for citizenship next year.
    @helpdesk - im learning about "shortcuts" the hardway anyway, i passed the california BON, and as far as i know my nclex pass will expire in a year if i dnt get a license.. so getting a vermont license is the only way i dnt waste my nclex pass (i heard?). which made a lot of sense to me when i was downloading licensing requirement from vermont.... bottomline is, i wanted a license in vermont, for the license and not to work.
    i am practising in manitoba now, and as much as i've come to love this place and my job, i just dnt see myself staying here for good. i hate the winter months. so, im planning on moving EVENTUALLY to warmer climate. Going south is the more obvious alternative..that is why I have thought to start the paperwork. My family's in houston, so Texas is also an option. I do know that the job market is tough right now, but Im hoping...
    Going back to ierf.. the CES is a requirement for most if not all of the states... so once i get my academic records verified, i could simpy request a report from ierf (or cgfns) to be sent to the state of my choice.. im assuming again, that my assumptions are right.

    yesterday when i was typing my previous msg, i was confused about the CES and the visa screen.. so these two are not the same? @helpdesk, i could still pursue ierf, and then apply for visa screen with cgfns? i guess, you're right. have to wait it out be patient with the agencies i deal with.
    @silverdragon - hi. ive become so dependent on allnurses for info. i read somewhere here that im goin to need to be a canadian citizen, and to have the following - a job offer from the US (which will qualify me for a TN visa), nclex, english test, and visa screen to work in the US. are these the requirements in a nutshell? or am i leaving something out?

    im sorting everything out -- thank you so much!
  9. by   frustrated_USRN
    I have the same problem.. however I am based in the philippines. I am NCLEX Ca passer. And I wish to get a license in VT because CA won't issue my license only if I have SSN. One of the requirements of VT is get either IERF or CGFNS. I don't have CGFNS. Am I required to get IERF too for me to issue my license at VT?
    Cause I read on other threads that I just need to submit the application form plus 150$, the Ca pass letter, Phil RN license photocopied and verified. School credentials (TOR, curriculum etc.. Do I need to get IERF for this? or just let my university/school submit these documents to VTBON directly?).. Thanks a lot