bankruptcy and moving over to the states

  1. A few years ago i was declared bankrupt, this has now been discharged and the IVA is about to finish, is this likely to cause any problems with green card application?

    I have looked on the immigration website and read everything i could find and it doesn't mention it anywhere.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    don't think it will have any affect on your application
  4. by   english_nurse
    i havent ever been asked anything about my finances
  5. by   suzanne7575
    I'm concerned that the agency I am planning on using will do a credit check. I have to give them a guarantor in case i run off and don't do my contract with them and it asks if the guarantor has been bankrupt, but doesn't ask me personally. I'm sure they would have to state if they were performing credit checks and there is nothing in the contract anywhere.

    I guess i will soon find out

    Thanks everyone
  6. by   suzanne4
    Suggest that you do not use that agency. There is not one reason that anyone should need to have a guarantor for a contract to work in the US................period. Andthe only reason that this particular agency is doing it is because that so many nurses have left them....