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Has anyone tried the distance BN program with Athabasca? If so- how is it going.......any comments? I have just applied and I am awaiting course materials. I need to do my degree by distance... Read More

  1. by   disher
    Is anyone taking, or finished the nursing research course through Athabasca?
  2. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Try these links as well.

    I did my degree via Laurentian University distance education program (Sudbury). My girlfriend(s) went via Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, ON) and Athabasca (Alberta). Athabasca will give you a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Laurentian gives you a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. It depends on what you want.

    Hope this helps.

    Be sure to shop around and see who will give you the most for your previous education/employment background. Mail your transcripts out to a few and see what they will exempt you from. Save yourself some dollars in the long run.
  3. by   JMP
    I am currently finishing my degree via distance with University of Victoria. So good. Well orgainized, online and very flexible.

    I have a critical care diploma and a CNA certfication in Critical Care ( CNCC ) and they will reconize both.

    It is a BScN. NO STATS course.....gotta love that.
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  4. by   Sweetberry
    I'm almost done taking Nutrition 331 through Athabasca. The course hasn't been bad at all. My only problem has been procrastination, which is entirely MY OWN FAULT! :imbar But my tutor has been extremely helpful in replying to my emails ASAP with really helpful answers and the staff at the 1-800 number are AWESOME for helping me with any questions or concerns I have. My only advice: DON'T PUT OFF THE COURSE UNTIL 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!!! **back to studying I go**:imbar
  5. by   adrienurse
    Has anyone had any experience with BC Open University?
  6. by   Aphrodite
    Hello everyone
    I've just registered with this forum and am delighted to see so much information.
    Now...about Athabasca....where on earrth to begin....and I will get to it.
    Probably like many on here, especially older Nurses, we feel that we have wasted an entire lifetime of study due to the new regulations about Nurse Training.
    I am utterly frustrated by what I see is ridiculous nonsense. By that I don't mean the change in the status of training, but the 'black & white' attitude that no matter what qualifications one may already have, there is no opportunity to enter the BSc program unless registered with the College of Ontario. In my case, I did work in Ontario as an RN(pending) and when it came to write the RN exam, I am embarrassed to admit, I failed it twice!! I'm far from dumb but as a British trained Nurse and having NEVER even heard of multiple choice, was used to exams in essay format for everything. I realized that the whole 'Nursing' philosophy in Canada was very different from the UK and the rest of Europe. I gave up and pursued a new career. Now I wish to return to Nursing and want to pursue a BScN. WELL!!!! guess what, I can't even do this unless I write the RN exan (it's now too late) and therefore I can't pursue it any further even if I wanted to start all over again. i am soooooooooooo angry and frustrated about this. For the record, my qualifications are: RGN.ONC.SCM.CMB.Psn.SCN.HV. Did I just waste about 12 years of training???? Now I am thinking about attempting the course online with Athabasca and so am a little scepticle but would welcome any input about this. By the way, does Athabasca offer a BScN because I noticed they use the term BN. is this the same thing? Thanks for your patience with my lengthy letter. Future ones will be normal lol
  7. by   LMPhilbric
    I have completed 8 courses through AU, am finishing up 2 more and have 6 more to go. I absolutely love AU. I dread even the thought of having to attend a class "in body". My husband goes to a traditional university and I always feel sorry for him with trying to meet deadlines. I have 6 months to finish the class and how I submit the assignments (and by what time frame) is up to me. Some classes I have finished in less than 6 months (English and Stats) and some went down to the last day. I plan to take my MSN through Athabasca too. Good luck to everyone wanting to continue their education.
  8. by   RNBN2B
    Hi! I would rank Athabasca U's distance ed courses very highly. I'm in the BNAT program at U of Calgary and a number of us are taking AU courses such as philosophy and statistics to meet our degree requirements. I took their intro to stats (Math 215) last summer and am now working on their medical bioethics course. You do have to be something of a self-starter with distance ed courses, but I like the fact that you can work on them at your own pace and make the courses fit your own schedule. By the way, one of my clinical instructors -- a grad of a diploma program in Ontario -- completed her BN through Athabasca. She's a great nurse, really knows her stuff.
  9. by   LMPhilbric
    So is everyone still taking their BN through Athabasca? I am due to graduate in June and I can't seem to find anyone else who is graduating at the same time? How are all of the studies going? Please let me know how you all are doing. I tried posting on the community forum of MYAU, but I didn't get many responses.
  10. by   RPNinTO
    I am interested in Atabasca university too...has anyone done the whole RPN to RN bridge on line?

    How fast could you do it? If you can finish the courses ahead of the six months, can you move on to other ones? or do you have to wait for the whole six months?

    What was the placements like?
    thanks for the feedback guys!
  11. by   LMPhilbric
    I finished my BN through Athabasca and it was great. I really enjoyed the classes and the tutors were excellent. They have eliminated the clinicals from the program, so you do virtual management, community and family practicums instead. Are you licensed as an RN too because I'm not sure if RPNs qualify for the program. When I was in Alberta, RNs and RPNs were not the same thing and there was a bridge program that you could take to qualify as an RN as well. Is it still the same?

    Good luck with your BN,

  12. by   RPNinTO
    Thanks so much for your reply!

    Mine will be a bit different, more classes and clinicals because I am bridging the RPN diploma to RN.

    Funny how the RPNs now have diplomas but they only credit us with the equivalent of a year and shorten the bridge to what would be 3 years in hoo!

    I am hoping that on line I can do it over the summers AND through the year, just keep plowing through it to do it shorter than 3 years...that is my dream...don't know how realistic it is...?

    but it sounds like you have a good experience with them.

    I don't know anyone who has completed the full RN from RPN bridging though...
    I am still checking out the course. I would have to fly from Toronto to Alberta to do the clinicals, so I need to know if it's worth it...
    or I could maybe do part of it...
    anyway thanks, and any feedback is still welcome on this topic guys
  13. by   Fiona59
    The title RPN in Alberta belongs to Registered Psych Nurses.

    You need to obtain an Alberta LPN licence to be able to do the clinicals out here for the LPN-RN Bridge. The clinicals are held at whatever hospital they can find to host them.

    Some of my co-workers are doing the bridge. Clinicals have been held upto 500 miles from where they live, so you have to factor in travel and accomodation costs.

    Of course you can finish the course work in less than six months. Most people aim to do it in four (the usual college/uni timeframe). I"ve also heard that some of the tutors leave contact as long as they can between your question and their response.

    Having said all that, I would take whatever arts, phil, and math courses you need locally and apply for transfer credit at AU.

    The bridge made no one happy out here. The main complaint is only being able to enter second year. Just bear in mind if you have the diploma you should have the English, Sociology and Psych credidts already.

    Good luck