Applying for work permit without letter of eligibility

  1. Hi everybody!

    I'm a nurse from the Philippines . I applied for temporary work permit as a graduate nurse to the cic and submitted my requirements last february 19 of this year together with my lmo, employer's endorsement letter from nova scotia and contract . It was only last march 24 that i received my reference number as well as my medical referral instructions. I completed my medical exam on the 13th of april and it was forwarded a week later through courier. My problem is i haven't included my ielts result because i just took the exam last march 21 ,and it was also in the first week of may that i received an email from the college of registered nurses from nova scotia that i didn't qualify in the assessment since i lack only 14 theory hours so i further furnished cert. from my post grad school to give me a copy oif the computed number of hours but i guess i still need to work on this things, to cut it short.... i don't have still my letter of eligibility . And my question is : would the embassy require further the letter of eligibility as well as my ielts result before i can get my temporary work permit ? or is ther a possibility that i'll be given a work permit but can't go to nova scotia to work but instead wait for the number of hours to be completed for me to be given an eligibility?
    thank you very much! Hope you can help me erase all my questions in mind.
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  3. by   5cats
    When I remember it right, you need that letter, that you are eligible to sit CRNE.
    Review the instructions from CIC. But I'm pretty sure you need that. Because without that, you cannot work anyway can't you, not even as a grad nurse.
  4. by   rogue2578
    gelie_grace, you lack 14 hours of theory?

    are you a second courser? now required to take a post graduate course in nova scotia or philippines?

    based from other forums, you need to furnish the canadian embassy with your letter of eligibility to finalize the release of your working visa. but it can sometimes depends on the visa officer who is handling your file. even if your visa is release
    over all you still can't work without your eligibility as a general ruling.

    registered nurses
    professional development centre, in halifax, to establish an assessment centre and
    bridging program for iens. the bridging program, entitled the bridge to canadian nursing
    program (bcn), provides study modules facilitated through classroom sessions, tutorials
    and lab practice. during the clinical practicum, iens practise with supervision in an acute
    care setting. the bcn also serves as a re-entry program for iens when required.

    according to the crnns annual report of 2008
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  6. by   Silverdragon102
    I am sure you will need the eligibility because without it you can not work here in Nova Scotia.

    I am short on theory hours and will be starting courses for the college, going on the 1st to chat to someone about it in Halifax but know I can not work until I get it sorted
  7. by   dasha1111
    Silverdragon: Hi! Just happen to read this post . Found it interesting Made me wonder tho, while taking up those courses you mentioned , did they give you a temp. working permit as a nurse? Or do you have to finish the course before being eligible to work as a nurse , at the same time take up the CRNE? Really just curious....
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Until I meet requirements and get eligibility I can't get a temp work permit allowing me to work as a nurse.
  9. by   dasha1111
    So when will you be done with the courses?
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    They are distant learning with a couple of exams so will be done once I have done them.