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Can you please help me? Story goes on Monday night I headed out with a few friends to celebrate my 21st birthday. After a few solid hours of drinking raspberry vodka's I was getting out of the car... Read More

  1. by   Grace Oz
    Happy birthday to your "other half"! Hope your celebration goes off well.
    MUST ask.... just HOW OLD were you in that pic on your avatar??!!! LOL You look like a 12 year old!! LOL BUT... VERY pretty too!
    Hope the fires aren't causing you too much grief up your way. Seems the whole of Aust is alight! :-(
  2. by   MHN
    Rachy,Try some witch hazel used to use it post ops for face lifts and bleps works well at reducing swelling around eyes
  3. by   NurseRachy
    Thank you Aussienurse2, Grace and MHN for posting.
    I am trying EVERYTHING that is being suggested!
    Hope everyone had a great Australia Day!!!
    Love Rachel @}-->-----
  4. by   Tookie
    Racheal - how did the day (and your face go) was thinking of you

    Grace the photo was taken about 1973 - I was about 23 then - I can play the piano - but not at all well.
  5. by   NurseRachy
    Ohh thanks for asking Tookie.
    I arrived at the engagement party in a brand new dress and had just had some more foils put in my hair. My hair is very long and has a sweeping fringe (if you have noticed it is the latest fashion with many girls) so I tried to position that to cover up the nasty graze on my forehead. A big THANK YOU to the suggestions given here to reduce swelling, as it is MUCH better and nearly gone. ( Probably only my closest friends and myself can notice the difference) I still had the black eyes which were starting to turn yellowish, but with the magic of make-up they were less obvious.
    Word spreads pretty fast about accidents so most people i know did know about my face. People said they thought i had recovered very well, and i gave all the credit to the awesome nurses who gave me idea's from here.
    The party was a lot of fun and went for hours and at 3 am i had to go home as i had Big Day Out on Monday.
    I choose not to drink any alcohol and wore a pair of flat shoes!! hahhaha. I also wore my Australian shaped badge of our flag and put my big flag up in the front window of my house so everyone passing could see it!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Australia day too!!! I wished for rain, world peace, and academic success!!!!
    Thanks again Tookie and I hope every Aussie had a great day Sunday!!
    Love Rachel @}-->--------
  6. by   Grace Oz
    Sounds like you had a lovely time sweetie & good on you for not letting the swollen / bruised face stop you! We're only young once & before you know it... you'll be like me! An "oldie" of 52!!! BUT...
    It's actually FABULOUS! :-) All that "young" stuff is behind & over with. You feel in control & confident of who you are. It's FABULOUS! So, you've got something to look forward to! :-)
    Let's hope no more falling flat on your face though!! LOL.... Again, HAPPY 21ST !!...
  7. by   Tookie
    Well done Racheal glad you had a great time - At some time in l must relate all my falls storeys - I broke my leg in a fall 2 years ago - recently had a fall at the Coles supermarket (last Wednedsay) whilst wheeling the trolley backwards - sober

    Anyway glad it was a great day and night. Marvellous what a little makeup does isnt it.
  8. by   sehbear
    Oh you poor bugger.....
    (Is that an Aussie- ism)
    At least it happened at the end of the night....