Alberta Casual in lieu of benefits rate

  1. Hi there,

    I've been looking all over and cannot seem to find correct information regarding what the additional hourly rate is for casual nurses working in Alberta.

    Some sites say 10.2%, one says 11.3% yet another one is as low as 4%.

    Thank you to all who reply with the correct answers!

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  3. by   melsch
    There is a list of current contracts on the Union website. I think it would be dependant on the contract for the workplace that you were hired at. Look for the information on casual workers.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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  5. by   Stephanita
    It's through Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton I was hired. I start this job on October 17th but can't seem to find the actual rate :/ I'm looking for the actual percentage
  6. by   melsch
    I work in BC, but it seems our collective agreements are similar. I don't believe you qualify for any health benefits, but you would get paid out your vacation pay. The Royal Alex falls under the provincial collective agreement.

    Amend Article 17 to read:
    17.02 (a) Casual Employees shall be paid, in addition to their Basic Rate
    of Pay, a sum equal to:
    (i) 6% of their regular earnings during the 1st employment
    (ii) 8% of their regular earnings during the 2nd to 9th
    employment years;
    (iii) 10% of their regular earnings during the 10th to 19th
    employment years;
    (iv) 12% of their regular earnings during the 20th to 24th
    employment years;
    (v) 12.4% of their regular earnings during the 25th and
    subsequent employment years; in lieu of vacations with
    (b) Casual Employees shall receive payment in lieu of vacations
    with pay to which they are entitled following each pay period.
  7. by   Fiona59
    Quote from Stephanita
    It's through Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton I was hired. I start this job on October 17th but can't seem to find the actual rate :/ I'm looking for the actual percentage

    This information is provided during the hospital orientation period. RAH spends a good chunk of time telling you about themselves and the unions meet with all the new hires, so the information will be provide.
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There is no extra pay in lieu of benefits. Other than the vacation pay and 4.8% of their regular earnings for statutory holidays, there is nothing. However there is such a thing as benefits-eligible-casual-employees. A contradiction in terms but a real retention pilot program here nonetheless. How it works is the casual RN agrees in writing to work a minimum of a 0.4 FTE in exchange for enrollment in the benefits package. The employer has attempted to tell the BECE when they are going to work but that didn't fly for them. As long as the BECE's hours average out over one complete cycle of the rotation to 0.4, then they're good. For more on this read the collective agreement, pages 131-133 (

    Something that you should be aware of is Article 37.18 that states a casual employee who replaces a regular employee who normally works an extended work day (10 or 12 hour shifts) will be paid straight time for the entire shift.

    Casual employees have no obligation to the employer other than to show up when they say they will, and even that isn't etched in stone. Casuals here have the ability to cancel themselves if they decide they don't want to work that shift after all. (It's a little bit unprofessional to do so in my opinion, but it's standard operating procedure.) Therefore the employer has no obligation to the casual other than to pay them for the hours they work.
  9. by   Fiona59
    I think the OP is LPN and covered by AUPE. When I worked casual all I got was pay in lieu of vacation. AUPE's contract doesn't do much for casuals inway of benefits and pension rights. Nothing from what some of my casual co-workers tell me.

    Hell, a lot of the casuals at RAH don't even call into cancel, they just don't show leaving the units to call staffing.
  10. by   DanaLPN
    yeah, it sucks for casuals. I know other provinces, namely BC, pay a health in lieu of benefits rate. The shift differentials aren't nearly as good as here in AB though.

    good luck
  11. by   DanaLPN
    I am a casual in Alberta also. you will receive a Casual Vacation pay of 6% and a Stat pay of 4.6%

    This would be your in lieu of benefits of 10.6% on top of your hourly/differential pay

    I hope this helps!