1. Hi can anyone tell me if they have had any contact/help from Stateside Nursing based in the UK?
    Many thanks
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  3. by   suzanne7575
    I have just spoken to them to enquire about their programme, they seemd very knowledgable on the whole subject and deal with direct placements with hospitals rather than agency based. You actually pay for a lot of your fees yourself rather than them covering the cost and then you having to pay afterwards out of your wages, personally i would rather do this than be losing in region of $5 per hour which a lot of agenicies take out of your salary
  4. by   madwife2002
    Just be care with what ever agency you go with and make sure you read the small print! Many nurses have been dissapointed with some of the agencies.
  5. by   michaRN
    hi anybody here also know atlasmr?
  6. by   RGN1
    Stateside seem to know what they are doing, Atlas also. I have pretty much done the rounds of the agencies but ended up managing to go it alone, to be honest more by luck than judgement though!

    There's not a great deal between them except for our friends OGP - it is no secret on here that they have proven to be not the best shall we say!

    As MW said be prepared for a contract from an agency which will leave you earning a little (or in some cases a lot) less than your colleagues as they get their money back from you that way.

    A good agency can help you with all the paperwork side of things but the main thing is to find one that does direct placements rather than using another agency to get your job in the USA.

    Stateside do that, Nurses4america only place in a few select hospitals (although their get out clause is steeper than some -nowhere near OGP though_), Adevia have some direct placements & if you are willing to go to those places then they are worth looking at too. Adevia are good because the initial steps are paid for by you, they just guide you through which means that once you have your N-CLEX you can go it alone from then. They just hope that once you've got to that point they can offer you something good enough to keep you. That makes them quite useful really - though I think they'd freak if they saw this!

    However, if you can go it alone - & there's a stickie at the top of the page about that, then you will be your own boss & will not be losing wages to the agency or have ridiculous amounts to pay for breaking your contract etc. Trouble is that with retrogression some hospitals are not dealing with foreign nurse recruitment themselves at present. Hopefully that will change if things get sorted out.