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Hi, is there anyone here that will start or already going to ICHS? If so how's your experience so far. I am interested in going to this school. I am currently a LVN in California. 

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hi Samantha,

what book or website did u use to study for pharmacology and fundamental if you already did your test, I am planning to test out on both.

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Alissa F said:

Do you know how many days are in person?


Semester 1 is 10 days

Semester 2 10 days

Semester 3  12 days

Semester 4  17 days

Residency week is 1 week.

All in Florida.  Out of pocket. No assistance with travel.


Only theory is online.


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thruthefire said:

Does anyone know how long the program is for the lvn to RN bridge ? 

They do not have an LVN to RN. You join the program with everyone who applies. Medical background or not. They have an ASN program. If you choose, you can take an Advanced Placement Test for Fundamentals and Pharmacology and if you pass both, you will skip the First Semester. If you only Pass Fundamentals like most do, you will be enrolled Pharmacology only for the first semester.


samantha beutler said:

Hi all! I'll be starting in June! It starts June 10th. Clinicals are 2, 2, 2, 3 weeks. 4x for the entire program usually every 15 weeks you go and stay 2 weeks - then two more times, on the 4th clinical trip you will be there for 3 weeks. Clinicals are Monday-Saturday because they are closed Sundays.

im from CA,

curious if anyone knows anyone that's graduated from the program and got their RN in ca

Great I start the ADN program June 10 I'm nervous and live in California 

I start June 10 my  I know 3 people  here in California that finished and working. 

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One of my close friends just took the Exit and is taking her NCLEX. We are all from California.

Have a couple of friends who passed over the last couple of semesters and all have their RN license.

I am starting Capstone June 10th with some friends. We are in California.

School is about 95% California student so many graduate and become RNs and are working.

Clinicals are

1st semester Fundamentals/Pharm - 10 days (3 skills say and 7 clinicals)

2nd semester Med Surg 1/Psych - 10 days (2 labs/8 clinicals and LVN who skipped 1st semester have to complete 3 Fundamentals Skills labs in addition.) Clincials are 6 MS1 and 2 Psych.

3rd semester Med Surg 2/ OB/Peds - is 12 days  including 8 MS2 and 4 Ob/Peds

4th Semester Capstone - is 17 days which include 2 skills day and 15 clinical days. If they don't schedule all of your OB/Peds in 3rd semester, you will be scheduled them during this semester.

End of Capstone, if students pass the semester then they will attend Residency Week which is separate from Clinicals.  This will be Exit Exam and Skills Evaluation.


Am starting in October, anyone her staring in october. Please  send me a personal message.

Im From Los Angeles, California and I'm starting also in June 10th 

I agree no program is perfect. Good luck to everyone starting soon.

I have created a group if anyone wants to join. CA ICHS students on facebook. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Is this for  may 2025 graduate 🎓 

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Glad to see another group is being created.

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TAYLOR, yes l am interested, will email you now, thanks.

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