International College of Health Sciences (ICHS) 2024

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Hi, is there anyone here that will start or already going to ICHS? If so how's your experience so far. I am interested in going to this school. I am currently a LVN in California. 

Hello  I'm also from California  I start this June. 

What about you?

I am hoping to start there in June 2024. CA LVN

Hey I am hoping to start this June too I send in my notary doc and everything. They asking me to deposit tuition fee before I schedule my apa exam. IDK what to study I am hella nervous about it. 

Do you know what the start date is for June? Also how many days are there  for clinical? 
I'm in ca also 

Hello  I'm also from California  I start this April pharm , I'll be in Ms and Spych  in June 


What day does the June classes start? Do you know how the clinicals will be? 

I've previously started the program but got scared when fake certificates were be given out so I paused on the program and am looking to join back this Summer. I will call the school tomorrow. They had online clinicals when I started but I believe it's changed now. Any info helps. 


Clinical  are now in person 

Call and get started. 

Do you know how many days are in person?

During orientation  it can be up to 14days in the semester  it depends on you how your going to spread them up. 

It depends  on 

Thank you for telling me. I would have to figure that part out. I'm wondering if we could also can do clinicals on weekends. 

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hi, I also live in California, I plan on starting this June but I have read a lot of bad reviews about the school, a little worried about the comments online, anyone here know anything about the school?

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