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I'm new here. I recently graduated from nursing school and will be taking my NCLEX-RN in ten days.

Pending my passing, I am very interested in OB. How did you OB nurses get into OB? I'm wondering how many of you went straight in, and how many of you worked in other areas before working in OB.

I'm willing to take a job in any nursing area but my pick would be OB.

Very interested in any info you can share.


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HELLO and WELCOME to you! I went straight into OB right out of nursing school 7 years ago. No trip thru med-surg or any place else. And no regrets. If you have more questions or need tips let me know....


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I, too, was able to go straight into OB after finishing school in 1989. I had already worked the unit as a unit clerk, so I got in w/o problems.

I had a great preceptor!

Good luck to you and keep us posted!


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I was also ALWAYS interested ONLY in OB. My mom was an OB nurse through her entire career also.

Talk to the OB nursing supervisor. Tell her your love and your interest. Maybe you can work Med/Surg if that is the only opening the hospital has with an option to orient to OB. Show your willingness to do whatever it takes to get a foot in the door.

It is so very worth it. I have been an RN for 14 years and almost ALL of the OB nurses I have worked with seem to be a "family" and always pull each other through long nights, tough times, etc.....

It's a great group to belong to. Good luck!

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if the unit has a "sister" unit (like where i am, OB and peds are sisters.) and ob doesn't have an opening, go to peds. or, try to prn in OB, or try to hire FT or PRN in post partum or nursery. that way, when openings are posted, you'll be the first to know and then you'll be hired internally.


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Hey guys,

Thanks so much for the replies and support! I have since passed the NCLEX with flying colors (but I thought differently while walking out of the testing center!). I recently applied at a local hospital for a new grad position in OB. Cross your fingers for me!!



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Any specialty takes a long time to learn and to truly feel comfortable and that includes med-surg. I am an old school one who believes that basic expereince makes your transition to any specialty easier on you (stress wise). Take whatever you can get. However, when you do make the transition, I would get comfortale with mother/baby before you jump into labor. Having done M/B you will have a greater comfort level when you take on labor. It's an intensive fieel. I love it and wouldn't be anywhere else! Good luck.

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