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Interested in NP field

dt70 dt70 (Member)

I worked last 20 years in IT with Associate degree.

I am 42 and interested in a career as nurse practitioner as ultimate goal.

Am I too old for NP career , as opposed to bedside nursing.

I need 40 credits for BS in computer science. associate obtained 1990.

Is it best to disregard previous degree and start 4 year BSN from scratch?

Pre-req's can be done at community college?

I am trying to figure out A to B plan , as part of whether this is the best plan for me.

I am a male, if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any advice. Hoping someone here already did what I am thinking about.


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NP requires a BSN. You would have to determine if any of your credits will transfer to the BSN. Some colleges will not accept credits older than 5 yrs. Then you need the BSN pre-req. (Micro, A&P, Chem, Psy.). Alternative would be get your BS in Computer Science. If you have above a 3.0, look into a Physician Assistant program and take the science pre-req they require.


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You are never to old. People go to nursing school is their 40's, 50's, and 60's. Do what you want to do.

You can take pre-reqs at community college. Just make sure they transfer over. That info should be in the course catalog.

See if you can meet with an academic adviser. They can tell you what credits will transfer over from your previous college years if they are not too old.

Find out if your NP program needs a certain amount of experience at the bedside before applying to the program.

If you finished your BS in computer science, it would take 3-4 semesters to finish if you took 12 credit hrs/semester. Might be wasted time, but there are nursing programs for second degree students and I think you can take accelerated courses. That would be another thing you could talk to the academic adviser about.

I thought about getting BS in 4 semesters, but that seemed backwards if I want to leave this field.

What I have read, a NP program requests at least one year bedside.

I took a one year computer curriculum few years back. Was too fast paced, but in the end it got

me a new job.

With Nursing being a totally new field, not sure if to do 4 year BSN, or just the fastest way to

get foot in the door.

I may pick a prospective, local school, and speak with an adviser on options.

I thought posting here for feedback from people with actual experience would be a good start.


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You are not too old. I am going back for my 2nd degree accelerated BSN and I am 46. I have a previous degree from the same university, so they are taking my 18 yr old credits. My plan is going for my DNP a few yrs after BSN.

You are not too old. I am going back for my 2nd degree accelerated BSN and I am 46. I have a previous degree from the same university, so they are taking my 18 yr old credits. My plan is going for my DNP a few yrs after BSN.

Thanks. Sounds encouraging. I'll speak to an adviser about finishing BS, then ABSN.

Good Luck to you!

Back in 1988, there was a girl in one of my cobol computer programming classes,

she was over 70 years old!

I'm pretty much determined now :)

I can finish my BS in computer science and most

of the ABSN courses in the time it would take for

an ADN. If nursing courses take over year that's ok. Of course pre-reqs need to be done in between.

My first BS can be done all online at a state university.

Not to discourage anyone from pursuing an ADN.

My recent past jobs all required BS degrees but,

experience waived that without entry level salaries. Harder to get first job was biggest hurdle.

I still need to speak to a school adviser to assist with the details.

Keep up good spirits everyone .

What I have read, a NP program requests at least one year bedside.

That's completely dependent on the school. I know at UNLV you can go straight from BSN to NP classes. I'm 39 and just starting towards my BSN with an end goal of NP as well.

I decided against finishing my BS in Computer science. $12K and 5 semesters not worth it.

I am looking at moving to NC and staying with family. Work towards in state resident then take pre req at CC near Wilmington . Will do one semester out state tuition to get ball rolling.

Saw UNC chapel has 6 semester for $26K. UNCW is 8 semesters, not sure full cost.

Do 3 years bedside before enrolling in NP program. Plan B is research .

I have no pre req's done, BSN programs are hard to get in, and obviously no bedside experience .

All I have is a flexible goal and a rough map to get there.

And a dream.

Your per-reqs ar the most important! Take those and plan on a BSN that does not need a previous RN or a previous BS or BA. My school locally has a 3 yr program if you have your prereqs done. You graduate BSN and move on to NP program if you want. I am 45 almost 46 and still doing prereqs. Remember some prereqs have prereqs of their own. This may take more time. If you have not had math in 5 years most schools will not take yours and my school now requires statistics anyway and I don't have that. Anatomy and physiology often require biology first and within 5 yrs. Physiology often requires chemistry. My school requires General Organic & Biochemistry for admitance to their BSN program. It is a tough course AND you better get ALL A's to make sure you look great enough or garner enough points to make the cut getting in. Start volunteering or get an EMT or CNA and start working part time to start to get experience. Most schools want that to get accepted anyway. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Just plan and check out schools everywhere. You can work where ever with a computer science background. Go contracting and find a flexible job that lets you get into your classes even if at night. You have it right though

examine possibilities

determine requirements

plan and

lastly implement

study and get good grades!!!!!!!!!!

check enrollment requirements and time lines carefully!

Some schools require two enrollments-one to school and one to the program

be dilligent and do it!

Another option is a direct entry MSN program. You would still need to get the pre-req's and be ready to zoom.


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Look into direct entry MSN programs. The debt is worth the time you'll save, and you can pay it back quickly. 3 years and you're done. Prereqs can be done in two semesters

lmccrn62, MSN, RN

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You are never too old. I just finished my post masters certificate and passed my certification test in adult health NP and I am 50. It needs to be something that you really want and willing to work for.


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