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interested in designer scrubs?


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Hey guys,

Our female counterparts have a zillion choices when it comes to purchasing scrub tops (unless the employer is strict)... and I'm wondering would guys be interested in having more choices besides solid colors? I've seen only a few non-solid scrub tops (one camo and one spiderman). I've also found a couple of scrub tops with contrasting colors on the shoulders/pockets, but that's about it. (Personally I'm about to puke from the constant ciel blue that I see everyday!)

So I'm curious... if other scrub tops were available, would you buy them? Maybe designs with a fishing motif, Pacman, Hawaain print, cars, whatever....

Hawaiian prints would be cool... I think there should be more variety.


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I know a doctor who usually wears Hawaiian scrub tops. Do a search on Hawaiian scrubs and you should find a few places you can order them. Some of them are the "genuine" article as opposed to cheap, mass produced, stuff from Asia. Also, if you have a favorite sports team, you could probably find scrubs for them.

I personally have a set in burnt orange with a white longhorn on them. You better believe that there is a certain weekend in October and another one in November when I will definitely be wearing them.:wink2:

I read somewhere where a guy's wife made his scrubs so that is how he got variety. I suppose he picked out the fabric or else she knew what he liked.


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My wife bought me a black scrub top that has guitars all over it (mostly Fender Strats, unfortunately, but that's another issue....heh), with "rock and roll" in subtle grey randomly printed, and very subtle dark dark grey "flying skulls" here and there. VERY cool top, goes with black, grey, or white pants just fine !!! I don't mind solid colors at all, wouldn't mind more "cool" prints, though !!!

Larry77, RN

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I've seen quite a few different prints including cars, fishing, boats, sports teams and guitars etc...I just don't think prints are for me. I have quite a few Aviator scrubs--all solid colors. Sometimes if I need to switch it up I'll wear a company logo polo shirt.

I would be all about some NHL scrubs!!

Let's go Jackets!!

Transformers scrubs!!!


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