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He lift me up so I can stand on mountains ........

Hi Everyone,

I will like to start by thanking God for His mercies and favors and then I will also like to thank everyone on this forum that has taken their time, effort, to share their experiences, advise, study tips/guides, encouragements and most importantly, prayers in supporting everyone that look up on this forum.

I passed my NCLEX-RN on my second attempt on 06/30, got the good pop-up and officially appeared on my BON on 06/31. I told myself that I will give my testimony in this forum to encourage others that are about to take the exam.

Let me start by saying "you are special and you can do this".

My strategy in approaching my retake was not easy but worth it, I had to stop the tears (not easy as I cried everyday) and cleansed my mind of everything that depressed me after I failed my first attempt like thinking about my friends that made it and asking God "why me", like feeling I will never be a nurse because I failed, feeling like I could not retain anything I was trying to read, ......... I picked up my pieces and decided to get back in my race for my success. I started by asking God for His guidance, direction and understanding to progress, then went back to the root - I used the Saunders textbook which I can say for sure that it is an awesome review book, I read the whole 77 chapters and answered all the questions after each chapters, and also finished the questions in the CD (over 4000), I did over 1000 questions in Lippincott (4th edition) did the whole six comprehensive exams, did 13 chapters from the PDA by LaCharity, did intermittent questions from NCLEX 3500 online, reviewed some areas of weakness online (Youtube - ECG/EKG, Medcram was very helpful in my understanding Renal, HTN Medications, ICP, Shock, and some other interesting areas that was made simple), took alot of notes and made everyday a priority to dedicate over six hours to learning something - I made sure before I go to bed each night I had learnt something new that day. At the end of my two and a half mouth of intensive study, I knew deep down in me that I was ready (this is very important - u will know when u r ready for the exam).

I prayed really hard and strong along with my dedication to reading and when it was time, I asked the Lord to lift me up on the mountains which He did. I went into my exam with the Lord and finished with Him by my side. I did 75 questions - a few SATA, a few order arrangements, conference questions, priotization & delegation questions, some HTN & Psych medictaions and alot of medsurg questions.

Finally, please believe in yourself and give it ALL you've got with prayers and dedications and I know and believe that SUCCESS is yours. Thank you taking the time to read this and I wish you well.


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I am so proud that our God is Who HE say HE is,Halleluiah!!!.I also took my Nclex PN the second time, and God perfected his work in my situation.



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Congratulations, God is awesome!!!! :)


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He is truly Awesome.



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Tks needed to hear this congrats n tks.


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Thanks for the motivation.. and WOW you did study alot and did alot of practice questions


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Thank You for sharing!


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thank you so much for sharing your experience.. :)


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Wow, thank you for sharing! You worked hard for this and didn't give up. Proud of you! And praise God!