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you would think of all nights i would be able to get a good nights rest since i have a cardiac exam this morning, no, just can't sleep. i have notice on clinical days, the rising early and after getting home sleep sets in early and it only last for several hours and then nothing, sleep is not happening. what do you do on nights you find it hard to sleep?


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I post on!!! ROFL!!!! :roll

jschut, BSN, RN

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I pray and I try to quiet my mind...

You are simply anxious and ready to get it over with...

Best of luck to you!

Julie :)

road runner2003

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This may sound silly, but I have made a tape of the 'weather channel music' - If I cannot sleep I play this in my walkman while I am in bed - the music I find is very relaxing, has a calming effect. It has come in handy during the weeks when I had tests/exams. Hope you perform well on your cardiac exam! :)


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I have a bubble bath with candles and my "sounds of the ocean" cd!! It works everytime!!

I hope you get some sleep soon!

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