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Are there a certain kind of insoles you would recommend? I know i'm going to need something to help keep my feet from hurting. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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My husband and cousin both have those magnetic insoles and swear by them!


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I wear insoles called Superfeet. You can get them at most Athletic stores that specialize in running shoes. I put them in my Anywears (brand) clogs and I am in heaven. I use to wear tennis shoes, but I ended up with terrible plantar faciitis. I wound up needing cortisone injections in the bottom of both of my feet because the pain was so unbearable, I couldn't walk.

Never, ever had a problems with my feet until I entered the Nursing profession. :crying2:


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Had orthotics made by a podiatrist. Ran about $200 but hubbies benefit package picked up a lot of the bill. My feet are now happy....

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The Massaging Gel insoles.


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See a sports physiologist who specializes in lower extremety performance (running) and have your gait and feet checked.

Some feet are flexible and need structure, other feet are not and only need cushioning. Some people under or over pronate and need motion control shoes.

She found my feet are flexible and that I have mild overpronation. I began wearing a motion control shoe in a narrow brand and my running problems went away.

I began wearing them at work and the 12-16 hour shifts no longer leave my legs and feet tired.

Thorlo socks are expensive at about $10-12.00 a pair but are a dream.

Whatever socks you use make sure you take them with you when trying on shoes.

Superfeet green insoles are popular with the Special Forces guys I know but for boots and long distance marching. I wouldnt use them on the floor-



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Birkenstock all the way! :)

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