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Currently I work at St. Ray's as an RN and unfortunately for me, seeing they are a catholic hospital- they don't provide infertility coverage.

I need to find an employer, either a hospital, clinic etc. that will provide infertility coverage to me-either working part-time or full-time.

I know its not the ideal reason to look for a new, possibly temporary employment, but if it gets me the coverage I might need , then I will do it.

If anyone has insight on if their employer provides this type of coverage-and what exactly it covers, and is willing to share it with me.. it would be very helpful to me and appreciated.

Thank you all so much

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You only work for HSR, they aren't your insurance carrier, you need to find out what insurance carriers cover infertility rx's, which aren't many these days, and work back from there.. that's why so many people unfortunately, use all their savings,home equity pay for infertility rx

ie, If you needed an abortion say for fetal complications/anomalies, HSR doesnt do them b/c they are a catholic hospital, but your insurance would pay for you to have it done at a different facility.

I think what you mean is your insurance provider doesn't cover it, it really has nothing to do w/ St Raphaels, BC/BS aetna, whatever, it's them, so the question is what insurance co's still pay, and then what company/facility etc they provide their employees coverage,Good Luck

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I am so sorry you are having to look for that - I hope you find what you need!


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I know hartford hospital offers it.

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