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Input from Chicago RNs please!


Yes, I know the market for RNs in Chicago blows right now... not looking for any reiterations of this fact. Just, anyone with experience with hospitals here, could you please give me the pros/cons, avg starting pay (yeah, lots of factors to consider, just give me a ballpark range), and any other tidbits or fun facts you would have liked to have known before working there yourself? Hospital websites all sell the same thing. I don't want to end up working for another absolutely lousy organization...

Thanks in advance.

Really? No one wants to spill anything about their workplace??

And yeah, I know the job market sucks here. That's why I commute over an hour away as it is. But, I was here before I was a nurse, my entire life is here, and I am not leaving. Will deal with with the oh-so-less-than-satisfactory (to put it mildly) workplace til something here comes along.

I know how you feel. I graduated in June with my RN and still nothing. I've been here all of my life too. I just figure one day something will come *shrugs*


Specializes in LTC/Skilled Care/Rehab.

As a new grad I started with $26/hr in LTC....I think that is about average. I know some people who make more and some who make less. It is very difficult to find out how good it is to work somewhere until you have actually worked there. Being in a union always helps....

Which LTC facilities are hiring new grads?

You have to remember, an LTC does not hire very many RNs. This is how an RN has a pt load of 20-30, and the entire shift is going up and down the hall and then back just to get passes/tx done, and then charting.

As the economy stands now, those last year RNs (and of 2008) who wanted to work in a hospital and ended up in LTC are having trouble making the move after gaining experience, and, any openings in LTC are likely filled by the rest of the 2009/ and few 2010 grads who also intended on hospital first, then broadened the search.

Many LTCs are asking one year or for some, even two years experience recently. I have heard that the LTCs with the worst reputations do hire as people will quit. If you want, just look for those with the one star ratings consistently and continual fines from IL. I wonder though how that will look on a resume.

What a sorry state this economy is in!!!