Can you get a job just inserting Iv's

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a company where you just travel to different sites or homes of pt.s to start IV's? I work in ER, and my favorite thing is starting IV's

    If you could recommend companies that would be great

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  3. by   ERnurse:)
    Do you have an IV therapy team at your facility? That would be the majority of the job if you got on with that team.

    Good luck. I love IV starts too.
  4. by   Binkey

    Try finding an Omnicare pharmacy in your area. Many of these pharmacys have infusion nurses that do just that... go around and start IV's. They place peripherals, midlines and PICC lines mainly in the geriatric population.
    They are the leading company in the US to provide pharmaceuticals to LTC facilities, but they also start the lines in these settings. An infusion nurse working for them will get called to place the line, and then he or she goes to that facility inserts the IV then documents his or her procedure and leaves after educating the pt's nurse on what was done. It really helps that pt to have an experienced nurse place the line.
    Hope this helps:wink2: DD
  5. by   JentheRN05
    I worked at a complimentary therapy doctors office. All I did all day long was start nutritional IV's. That's pretty much it. Plus started up a Research study for the office, then shortly thereafter, once they were up and running I had the choice to stay or go (I was cutting back my hours to save the office money- they thought I just didn't want to work - even AFTER I told them what I was doing) in either case, look into alternative therapy doctors. Specifically ones that boast Chelation. They always have to have an RN on staff and they need IV starters.
    I LOVED that job, but the management at this particular place just plain sucked. Didn't have any education to become office manager. I could go on and on about the problems. But this isn't my thread.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Home Care infusion company's would love to have you as employee: Apria, Option Care, Coram are one's i'm familar with. Your discharge planning/case management staff should be able to point you to IV homecare agencies in your area.

    IV team is another option if your hospital has dedicated staff.
    My local facility just restarted team due to high need for PICC's.

    Good luck...loved homecare infusion.
  7. by   muffie
    that would be my dream job!
  8. by   nursebuxom
    yes you can. I have one, but it didn't happen in a day. Having good placement skill is only passing kindergarten.

    just a note, someone stated that they had over 200,00 iv starts to their credit. do the math.

    don't believe everything you read.
  9. by   Mandolyn
    There are definately places to go and only insert IVs all day.
    I did one of my IV training courses through a place that only does IV's. The instructor was an RN who runs an IV team that is on call to go insert IV's and PICC lines at various hospitals and nursing homes. I know that they are hiring now but it is here in Washington...I do not know where you live.
    I also worked in a Naturopathic clinic and only did IV's all day as someone else mentioned above. We did nutritional IVs and Chelation IVs and had a large IV room with 2 workers doing nothing but IVs. We mixed and prepared the IV's, inserted and then monitored patients through out their treatment.
    As more states are allowing Naturopaths to do IVs, there is a demand for RNs that are capable and willing. You could also look up the INS website and look into being nationally certified as an IV nurse and I am sure that would open up other doors for you if that is your main interest. It is a skill that needed and some would prefer to leave IV placement to those who specialize in that.
    Good luck to you.
  10. by   nurmac
    Adriadawn...I am also looking for this type of job. I have been out of real nursing for about 3 years..I have been giving flu shots and health screenings in the community. I LOVE working with IV's not just the starting of them but the infusion part also. I am a Remicade patients for my RA so that is why I have become so interested in doing it plus IV starting has always been my favorite thing. The suggestions that you were given are helpful to me also.
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Several local pharmacies and laboratories in my area hire PICC line nurses. Their job strictly is to insert PICCs.
  12. by   Jedi_Iatros
    I want to do this as well.
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  13. by   jrwraw
    i work in louisville, ky and worked on iv team in a fairly large hospital for a few years and loved it. we did all the iv's, picc lines and certain drugs on med-surg floors that required special monitoring. there is also home health iv teams that do the same

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