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Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect on the final exam of the Information Literacy. I've completed all of the required quizzes with 80%-100% all in one day. Thanks

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Not really ... that would violate EC's academic honesty policy. Good luck!

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if you are doing fine on the quizzes then you should do fine on the final and be reminded it is an open book test

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Don't underestimate it though

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Took this the other day, and scored 96. I read over the material once. It's all there in the modules. I haven't researched for a paper in 10 years so I had to refresh myself. I actually found the course helpful, and learned much more than I initially thought I would. I'm not up on all of the technical terminology. If you don't use it you lose it.....true story.

just took mine today and had 76 i guess i didn't study the contents enough. anyone out there waiting to take the exams make sure you study the content very carefully. anyway am not complaining the past mark is 70 so i passed yeaaaa. but i was expecting to do better than that. however this my 1st exam with excelsior. good luck to everyone out there. studying for my a&p

i took mine yesterday- i read everything once took me about 3-4 hours with breaks in between, even though im tech/computer literate i still did learn things. i was getting 90%-100% on the quizzes and passed the final exam with a 92. you can do it!

Where we get information literacy content?

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Where we get information literacy content?

The material is presented online as part of the course.

Does anyone have suggestions on completing this by May?

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the same day you sign up for it you can complete it.

If you are computer literate

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