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Yes 8 hours does not seem like alot, but the amount of reading, studying, and preparing for those 8 hours is extreme. You will have a test or checkoff almost every week. There really is no down time. Now with that said, someone has told me that taking Micro online is easier than in the classroom, but from personal experience with online classes, you get hammered with busy work.

Now as far as the uniform, I do not know of any second hand stores. I would suggest just buying two tops and two bottoms and a lab coat. The second set is just mainly if you get bodily fluids on you and you need to change quickly. You will only be wearing your uniform once a week and not until you go to a clinical site. The watch needs to have a second hand, a good stethescope that you feel you can hear out of well, and bandage scissors. My stethescope is a Littman Master Classic II. I love it. I have a heard time hearing soft sounds and this really helps me alot.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the good help! I'm excited and nervous about this nursing program. I'm glad there is someplace where I can get some good info. Thanks again.


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Anyway, let me know if you need any other info. I will try to answer it if I can.

You've been a great help I am wondering what books I should get?

There are very few required books and a lot of recommended ones. Which of the recommended books, if any, would you recommend?


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Hi, thought I'd help you out, I was confused about all that when I started too. You will definitely need the Kozier Nursing Fundamentals book, the Lewis Med-Surg book (mostly to do your care plans. It's really the 2nd semester book), the math book and any one care plan book and a drug book. You don't need the care plan or drug book until a few weeks into the semester, so you can wait on that one. The other books are really unnecessary.

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