Info Please. Anyone know of online schools to become an RN


Hello I have been a CNA sine 1994. I'm really looking to become a RN.. Is it possible

to find a school that does online courses to help me achieve this. Any advice and help would be great.. Thank you for taking time to read my post..

Trina from CT


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Any school that's offering an online RN to a CNA is a total scam and waste of money. You need to go to a real school.


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I agree. Do you have a community college close by? Some offer part-time RN programs so you can take some classes online and some in the evening.


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The college I went to offered some online courses, but the actual nursing courses were actually in the school building. I also would assume a school that is totally online for a CNA to become an RN is a scam.


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I would check out your local large teaching hospitals...most of them have a nursing school. I think you can probably take some of your academic classes online, just depends on the curriculum of the school. I've NEVER heard of an entire RN school online. In fact, I doubt it is even possible given how much time is spent early on in the skills labs, etc. Good Luck!


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Roseman University offers an Accelerated Bachelor Science Nursing (ABSN) program with the didactic portion (lecture) online, but the rest is in a classroom. You can always take prereq's online though. Colorado Community Colleges offers online A&P courses, Chemistry, Microbiology, and more-- all online. Do as much as you can online but then tranfer into a ADN or BSN program and finish the last 2 years in a classroom. OR, you can finish a degree in Psychology, Nutrition or anything you want online and then use that completed degree to get into a ABSN (12 month program). Either way, at some point you will need to attend campus.

Good luck!