Alright here is the deal, I am 26 years old. I live in California, been married going on 8 years in June. We aren't rich, and unfortunatly we are far from poor. I am a CNA and in fall will be starting school so that I can futher my nursing education. He is a Ford Tech. So like I said we are far from rich and not poor. We get by though. We would really like to have a baby but can't or haven't been able to concive. Is there anyone out there that knows anything that could help us our medical doesn't cover infertility drugs or help. So everything is going to have to come out of our pockets. But we have been married for a long time as I said before and I think we would be wonderful parents and at this point any help would be better then what we are getting. Any information would be greatly appricated. Thank you all for you time and for reading my post.


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Have you seen your md about these issues? Do you have a diagnosis?

I know the fertilty clinic here does a drawing for free tx ( I think once a month) may be something to check on.

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I don't think you would get much financial help in CA. You start with the basics, a good fertility doc who will check out both you and your husband.

My son and d-i-l were not happy with the first one they saw, eventually went to someone else. The first one wanted to put her straight on Clomid, which would not have solved the problem. The second did an exploratory lap, and a hysterosalpingogram. Among other things, found that both tubes were blocked....she would never have got pregnant without clearing her tubes.

First baby came with a little help, 6 mos later they had a surprise, and she delivered 6 weeks ago.

Good luck! Check into docs, ask about the cost, so you'll know were you are.


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You may not have fertility coverage, but likely have coverage for things leading to diagnosis. For example, a hystrogram may reveal tubal blockage (and clear the blockage at the same time- a definate bonus).

Start with your OB-GYN.


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Also, for online "help" and access to infertility MD's try:

Very useful, lots of support. Good luck to you.

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