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I have a couple of questions about online classes if anyone can help me out. I am going to try taking my psychology online to save time driving so i can study more for biology. What can i expect? Is it like a chat thing where you can ask questions to your professor? I really have no idea what to expect, but i feel like psyc would be the easiest class for me to try online. Any advice would be appreciated!!

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Usually, you will be given assignments such as reading and research papers to do. Then you will take tests to show comprehension. You may also participate in discussion boards and on line collaborative projects with other students. Contact with instructors is normally handled via email. It's a great way to learn if you can work independently, but you need to be disciplined and keep yourself on track...

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So if the class lists telecourse time of 9:15-12:45 we all have to check in at that time or something? Is the discussion board set up somewhat like this website? Sorry for all of the questions.


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I have taken many online classes and I LOVE them!!! They are pretty structured, with strict due dates. But the upside is you have the flexability to go online whenever you like. I try to get ahead and finish early. Good Luck.


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I have had several online classes all structured differently. Some classes had concrete due dates and others listed all readings and assignments and just required it to be done by the end of the semester.

If your class lists a telecourse time I would guess you have to log in or do some type of interaction during that time. My discussion boards were set up quite a bit like this website. I really loved my online classes and agree that psych. is probably a great class to take online. Good luck!


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So if the class lists telecourse time of 9:15-12:45 we all have to check in at that time or something? Is the discussion board set up somewhat like this website? Sorry for all of the questions.

The telecourse I took involved a series of video lessons. We wrote several papers and took several proctored exams. Because this was a print based telecourse we did not have a class discussion board. I've taken most of my prereqs online and the format is a bit different each time. The teachers have some leeway to design them they way they want. So you never really know exactly what the class structure is going to be like until you login for the first class - unless you can get the scoop from someone who has taken the same class before you. As for contact with teachers - they will let you know what they prefer. Sometimes its through email, some like you to post your questions on the discussion board, and some even encourage phone calls. So in this respect the variations in style are pretty much the same as in person classes.


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Thank you!


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Online classes are awesome. I have done nutrition, psy I & II, history, english 111 and 112, and over the summer I am doing medical terminology and pharmacology. From my experience there is a ton of reading involved (literally cover to cover) and several discussion board assignments where you have to log in several times a week and carry on conversations. Discussion boards require more time that I originally anticipated. And none of my online classes had open book tests. They were either timed with no extra time to look up the answers or they were to be taken on campus in the testing center.


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I took psych 1 & 2 online and it was great. The professor posted all assignments and the class was split into teams for the most part. All tests are usually open book of course, who's there to stop you. One thing I always recommend for online courses is to read the text book and all of the extra info that comes with it (CD ROMs, etc). This is definitely something that you can teach to yourself. If you're looking to make time for other courses that you prefer to take on campus, Psych is definitely one that can be learned online, and its fun too!!!


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YAY!! This thread has been so helpful to me! I enrolled in Pych and Soci online during the summer. I was a little worried about that choice but it looks like it might have been a good one after all!

Thanks for all of your info and advice!


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On a diffrerent note...I have also taken online classes and love them as well....but if you are a procratinator

(like me) it is VERY easy to put off the work until the last minute. When I first started taking online courses

I thought I had it in the bag...till the first test that I submitted, 20 minutes before midnight of the night it was due....and my computer crashed !!! I raced up the stairs to pull out the lap top...fired it up and thank goodness, someone must have been watching over me, because when I logged back on the site on the diffrent computer, all my answers were still there...just needed to hit submit...with 5 minutes to spare !!!

Needless to say that even with work, kids functions and other in class courses...I try to be aware and not ride the line so close anymore.

So the classes are great, flexible and the material learned is the same...but stay on top of it.


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I have taken several online classes and am still working on my prerequisites. I love it. I can still work during the day and then do my online classes as they fit into my schedule. They are not easier than regular classes - you have to put alot of time into them. But well worth it!

It would be great if everyone can list where they did their online classes and about how much they cost.

Someone on these boards hooked me up with (Clovis Com. College) in New Mexico. You can take up to 6 credits for the price of $225! During this summer they are actually allowing up to 7 credits for $225. Can't bet the price and the courses I have taken have been very good!

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