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Hey all!

I just found a wonderful site! It has really cheap scrubs!

I do not really know what they will be like when I get them, but 87% of the site reviews were very positive. I can't buy my clinical scrubs here (The school wants us to look like a bunch of copycat sheep). However, we are alowed to wear whatever scrubs we want to class and skills lab (not clinical). Anyways - they have a rather large selection of styles and colors.

Just thought I would pass on what I found. There seem to be a lot of threads on here looking for inexpensive places to buy scrubs.


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I always order my scrubs through them and I love them. They are the cheapest and they last a long time. I've never had any problems with orders.

I know they go by other names, Mad About Mouths was the dental version, but most of the scrubs I recieved have Lydia's tags on them.

Oh, and they are very very soft!


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That is good to know! I was hoping they were:) You just can't beat those prices!


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Um, do you buy the performance scrubs?? Or the Dickies or what?? They look great so far.


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I ordered the performance scrubs...I paid the extra $2.99 for 2 day I should have it in 3-4 days (can't get it on Sunday - so maybe it will be Mon or tues - but still better than waiting 10 days for them)

I'll be sure to update on what I think about them after they get here.


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I'm getting mine at Marks Work Wearhouse. Right now they are on sale because they are discontinuing this line and bringing out a new line that have teflon in them. Gonna grab me some of the sale ones to start!!


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I buy my scrubs online at perfect they have very nice stuff.

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