ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

  1. 0I'm currently waiting on a admission decision for nursing lpn-BSN spring 2016 term at ISU. If there is anyone who also will be attending this program for the spring term please contact me as I would like to form a study/support group. It doesn't matter which state your in either by the way. Hope to hear from everyone soon! 😀
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  3. by   kitty1974
    I am currently trying to complete a Chem lab class to be able to apply to this program. I would love to talk to you if u are still in this program currently. I haven't been able to speak to anyone who has actually finished this program and I have only read a few of the comments from students of the program. Thanks in advance, I look forward to speaking to u soon
  4. by   MbellLPN
    Hi kitty1974I have not yet started the program but fingers crossed that I will be starting in January. Feel free to keep in contact with me while your on your journey if you have any questions. My email address is If you have a Facebook there is a young lady that started a group for future/current isu nursing students and you can join that as well. The group page name is Indiana State University LPN-BSN Program. 😀
  5. by   JesscatRN2b
    Hello! I am also praying to get accepted into the Spring class. I take my TEAS this Saturday.
  6. by   JesscatRN2b
    Unable to find the facebook page
  7. by   MbellLPN
    Hi jesscatRN,
    Have you taken all of your prereqs as well? Good luck on your test. What's your name and email for Facebook? I will find you and send an invite for the Facebook group.
  8. by   thatnurse3
    Hello Ya'll! I'm from Houston, Texas and I have applied for the Spring 2016 LPN-BSN program. I wanted to hear from anyone who has started the program, and just some honest reviews and feedback about the process and if its somewhat competitive to get into the school. I spoke to a lady in the admissions board and she told me 50 people will be accepted this spring term.. I have a bachelors in science and am a LPN. =) Any responses will be greatly appreciated.
  9. by   blondieblonde
    i'm applying before the october 1st deadline. How do I find the link for the application ?
  10. by   trepeace
    Hello! I am also applying for 2016. I didn't realize they turned people away. I received a letter today stating they may not get the opportunity to review all my information since it was not received b/f Sept. 1. I think I just bugged them to death is all. I hope I am able to start in the spring if not I guess I will go to plan B.
  11. by   MbellLPN
    Hi trepeace,

    Dod you complete the LPN transcript evaluation yet? This needs to be done prior to actually applying to nursing program. If you call the school or go on the website it lists the steps on how to do the Lpn evaluation.
  12. by   MbellLPN
    Sorry that message was for blondieblonde lol
  13. by   blondieblonde
    I have everything done and ready to go for application. I'm just confused what part of the website to go to.
  14. by   MbellLPN
    After your transcripts were evaluated you should have received an email with a link and a code that directs you to apply to the university. If you already paid the $75 for the LPN transcript evaluation and you have not received that code via email then you will need to contact the school.