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  1. Spring 2017 Daytona State Nursing Program

    Wow. It seems we all are pushing for a different campus. I've also tried to stay busy with work and the little one but it's soooooooo hard!! Based on when the applicants last semester received their letters it seems we will get ours around second wee...
  2. Spring 2017 Daytona State Nursing Program

    Hello Everyone, I too applied for the spring semester. I have a 3.2 GPA and 82% teas. I'm so nervous and I want to get in so bad. I was attending ISU for a semester and I did very well but I feel the school is all about money and I rather attend a l...
  3. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    I believe I scored a 78 or 79 overall.
  4. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    Just an update. I did not get accepted into the spring term program. However, I received notice a few days ago that I was accepted into the summer term this year. There were so many applicants for the fall term that they decided to reconsider/reevalu...
  5. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    Yes I have. There is a list of clinical sites that ISU has used in the past in surrounding cities of where I live. I'm hoping I could just go to one of those places.
  6. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    I have not received any news as far as acceptance. The last thing I received from them was an email saying that my application was complete and that they were evaluating and that I should get a response with a decision soon.
  7. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    There must be something wrong. You need to contact the nursing office to see what's going on because there should be more options in the drop down.
  8. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    This is the email I received after doing the transcript eval. Hope this helps.. [COLOR=#333344]The Office of Admissions has been notified that you are eligible to apply for the LPN-BS online program. Your next step is to apply to the university. Log ...
  9. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    When you got the email from the nursing dept after doing the transcript eval did it include a code?
  10. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    After your transcripts were evaluated you should have received an email with a link and a code that directs you to apply to the university. If you already paid the $75 for the LPN transcript evaluation and you have not received that code via email th...
  11. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    Sorry that message was for blondieblonde lol
  12. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    Hi trepeace, Dod you complete the LPN transcript evaluation yet? This needs to be done prior to actually applying to nursing program. If you call the school or go on the website it lists the steps on how to do the Lpn evaluation.
  13. Is ISU too good to be true?

    Oh I see. So I will check with the state of Florida. Thank you for responding so quickly! í ½í¸€
  14. Is ISU too good to be true?

    Thanks for responding. I too have taken all classes and only need to take the 11 core nursing courses and I was hoping by taking 2 classes at a time and then the last semester take final 3 that I would be done in under 2 years. But that's only if the...
  15. Is ISU too good to be true?

    Hi SoonSurgery-RN-BSN, How long did it take you to complete the program? And if you don't mind could you possibly email me the sequence of what classes you took together? Hopefully I will be starting in the spring and I'm contemplating on what class ...