Who attends/attended Indian Hills Communtity College

  1. Go Warriors! Any alumni here besides me?

    In 2004, I was accepted into the ADN program and posted this question:
    "I was wondering what you think/thought about the nursing program?"

    If you are alumni or thinking about applying, join the thread!
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  3. by   francine79
    I work with a couple of nurses who went to Indian Hills. I haven't heard much about what they thought about their program. The only thing they have said is they wished they would have been able to have experience in bigger hospitals, like Des Moines, rather than just Ottumwa. They feel that they really missed out on what other nursing students get to experience.
  4. by   AngelCHPN
    I graduated from IHCC in 2003 with my ADN and went to work in an ICU/ICCU and now work in Hospice. I felt at the time that my second year was nothing but and exact repeat of the first year. I did pass my boards on the first try, but many others in my class did not.

    You can see NCLEX statistics for Iowa Nursing programs a http://www.state.ia.us/nursing/pdf_f...ramdata-rn.pdf

    IHCC used to have a really, really good program, now they need to update their curriculum.

    IHCC still believes that upon graduation you should work Med-Surg for 3 years before attempting a more specialized field. This is very unrealistic in today's nursing careers were new grads are starting in ICU, ER, OR, Oncology, NICU...

    Good luck in your studies!

  5. by   cindyRN 2006
    actually I am a current IHCC student and it actually has a great reputation for turning out some of the the most expierenced nurses in this area. Des Moines is a bigger hospital however there is not much yall do there that we don't do here in the smaller rural hospitals actually I am glad I chose to go to IHCC due to the fact that I am able to expierence so many different hospitals and see how each one operates compared to just one hospital like Mercy. I have had rotations in 5 different hospitals in 5 different towns has give me a lot of exposure. As far as the hospitals in Des Moines being bigger, We usually have the patient for a while before we send them to yall so we see alot of that stuff as well. As far as IHCC thinking that you have to start off in med surg for three years before moving into more specialized areas actually this must have changed since 2003 because we have been told over and over again that this is why we are held to a higher standards on our tests, attendance records ect. because we as new nurses are not necessarily going out starting on med surg floors but in stead are starting out in places like the ER, ICU OB. IHCC has also made it part of the mandatory requirement to have a preceptorship in the 1st and 2nd years
    and that is an awesome chance to work one on one with a mentor that alot of bigger hospitals can not offer the students that it hosts due to the high number of students. I feel so lucky that IHCC is a two year program and that I will be done soon, I could not imagine going for two more years like at Mercy. Good luck to you!!!!
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  6. by   futureRNCarrie
    I am a IHCC Student graduating in may hopefully, It's a good program it has its faults but what program doesnt. All I know is IHCC gets you the basics its up to the graduates to pass boards and get the "seasoning"
    I graduated in 1989 from IHCC as an ADN. I have worked with many BSN's who have much less experience and patient care training. My first job as an RN was a travel position in Oakland, CA. and I traveled for nearly 12 years, working in Emergency Departments across the country. I currently work in a Cardiovascular Operating Room and still think that IHCC prepared me well for my carreer.
  8. by   Lylesmom
    I am a current student at IHCC, I just finished my first year in November. Our group is the guiena pig group-first winter term full daytime program, So even though we are second year students, we are still new because this is the first- second year winter start program. Lets just say it has its up's and down's. We did most of our first year in LTC, because as they told us, second year students have to have so many hours in certain locations. So that would be the down side. the up side is- we don't have to do Mental Health II in 6wks. I think once they get all of the things figured out, it won't be so bad. And it makes passing mean that much more to us. I didn't think I had learned anything this past year, but i took my LPN boards on dec. 27th and the computer stopped at 85 questions and I passed. So they must be doing something right! Well good luck in what you choose to do.
  9. by   Ayrman
    I took my 2nd year there (1st year was many years past, with no nursing practice in between), graduated in "04. There was both good and bad to the program. One bad aspect were the inconsistancies as to how different students were treated when it came to clinical assignments, etc.

    Another is the blue "apron" they make the students wear as an identifier; that has to be the most assignine, outmoded and degrading thing I have ever endured as a student anywhere for any course of studies. It harkens back to the days of the candy-striper like tops student wore back in the 60's and 70's.

    The students who went straight through had an advantage over those who came in from the outside, especially those of us who were some time out of LPN school. The instructors assumed you already knew the routines as far as paperwork, etc, never considering that there were those for whom it was all new.

    The pass rate for 2nd year students is atrocious (low 80's percentile wise) insofar as first time boards. I was fortunate in that instead of taking the advice of getting them done as quick as possible and nabbing a "good" position while it was available I waited, used a computerized practice disc (Kaplan and Mosby both - Mosby has a very decided edge there) and ended up at ease with the test itself as well as the format and finishing after 110 or so questions. No few of the higher scoring - as in grades that is - students found themselves failing their boards due to too little prep. One I am acquainted with lost her dream position when she failed and had to retest.

  10. by   S.N. Visit
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  11. by   OR Nurse 1962
    I know that the pass rate for Indian Hills graduates is not good. In fact, I believe it was one of the lowest in the state and the Iowa Board of Nursing made them make some changes to the program.

    My question is, with the movement of Magnet Hospitals which one component is the majority of the nursing staff having their BSN, why would you want to go to IHCC? Why not Grandview, Coe, U of I, Iowa Wesleyan, and many others??

    Why are you asking about IHCC?
  12. by   S.N. Visit
    Quote from OR Nurse 1962
    I know that the pass rate for Indian Hills graduates is not good. In fact, I believe it was one of the lowest in the state and the Iowa Board of Nursing made them make some changes to the program.

    My question is, with the movement of Magnet Hospitals which one component is the majority of the nursing staff having their BSN, why would you want to go to IHCC? Why not Grandview, Coe, U of I, Iowa Wesleyan, and many others??

    Why are you asking about IHCC?
    Well, being a wife and mother of 3 very active children, time & distance is a huge priority of mine. IHCC is only 20 miles away from my home and is less than 100 per credit hour. I plan to take my RN-BSN through Jacksonville university on-line....that's why not Grandview, Coe, U of I, Iowa Wesleyan.
    I asked about Hills, (3 yrs ago before I started the program) because i was interested in what the program was like. If I had to go back and do it all over again, I still would have chosen IHCC with no regrets.. anyway, what's wrong with asking about IHCC???

    (p.s Iowa Wesleyan's first time pass rate in 2006 for RN's was only 80%, Grandview only 75%.... IHCC came out ahead of them both at 82% :smiletea:...)
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  13. by   go mizzou
    i started ihcc in november 2007. i hopefully will graduate november 2008 and be able to take the nclex-rn as long as i can pass! i, along with several of my other friends from missouri, did not receive our first year of nursing school at ihcc. we feel as if the program outcasts us and makes us feel like we don't know anything because we did not go to school there our first year. several times they say, "get your stuff from last year," or "remember that from last year?" we also feel as if we are not taught anything. we feel like we must teach ourselves. some of the students who went to ihcc for their first year do not feel that way. but, we have heard numerous times, "we went over all this stuff last year." so maybe second year is just a review for them of first year. we were told by several people who went there several years ago that it was a great program. however, we have heard that in recent years the school's nursing program is not what it used to be. i am thankful that the accelerated rn program is just 1 year and that the prerequisites were easy to obtain online. i wish everyone who is in nursing school much success! i know how stressful it is! i can't wait to graduate and start my career as an rn!
  14. by   elizabeth8503RN
    I graduated from IHCC in 2005 from the ADN program and then in 2006 for my RN program and got my AA degree. I am 3-4 classes short of getting my BSN from University of Iowa. I thought that the IHCC program was pretty good, but that is my opinion.