What do you guys think of Medtech College?

  1. I am attending Ivy Tech right now and i have just finished all of my pre- nursing classes but i am thinking about transferring to Medtech.. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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  3. by   Emmi7
    Hi! I am in my 3rd quarter at Med Tech in Indianapolis. I can tell you it is very expensive and that the cost is my only complaint. I took my pre-reqs at Ivy Tech as well and I will tell you NOTHING transfers...that was the only drawback other than the cost.
    As far as the instructors they have been very helpful and do whatever they can to ensure you learn and understand the material. I am happy with my decision to start at Med Tech. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me!
  4. by   bethers10
    Thanks so much for your info! I also have taken all of my pre nursing classes at Ivy Tech and that really stinks it doesnt transfer. Is Medtech hard to get into? I go for a meeting with the nursing advisor at Medtech this Wednesday at the one in Greenwood.
  5. by   Emmi7
    No it isn't hard...at the Indy campus you come in for an info meeting where they go over all the general info, like cost, curriculum, about the school etc. Then you schedule your TEAS, there is a minimum score you have to get for the RN and the LPN program. Once you pass you pay for your criminal background check and then meet with a financial aid advisor, that's it until orientation pretty much, unless you have questions and stuff its pretty straight forward. At orientation they go over everything, huge packet of material but they go over all your resources, the different tutoring options, the expectations, a lot of info! I really like how they are all really dedicated to helping you pass. I haven't experienced any bad teachers except for one, but it was the basic computer skills class and the teacher is actually no longer there. I think its the same as any other school besides the outrageous cost but they financial aid staff will help with all that too...and if you can get books ahead of time do it! They charge about 700 per qtr for books when you can get them on Amazon or somewhere for less than 200!
    Anyway hope this helps and if you have any questions I'm always here to answer...clearly I like to talk/type lol.
  6. by   bethers10
    Thanks so much for your information It helps to much!!! I am going there tomorrow so i will let you know how it goes. ...
  7. by   Emmi7
    Hope your meeting went well!
  8. by   ladytee2010
    I also went to information session there a few months back and I don't know things seemed a little shady, I didn't like how the person giving the session said that not knowing what the NLNAC wasn't important and in fact that's extremely important if you don't want to work in a nursing home, I am not saying that non of their graduates get hospital jobs, but they don't have that accreditation yet and I don't think they will have it until next year, that's what I saw when I went on the NLNAC website. The lady was nice, but it's expensive, no credits transfer and right now the only place that takes credits from there is IWU and that's probably expensive too, which is important if you want to further your education. I work for IU Health now and I called nursing recruitment and was told they will not hire any one who graduates for a nursing program that is not NLNAC accredited, just a thought!
  9. by   Msre23
    Anyone here attending?? Any info for me? Like how the program work? Their LPN program is accredited!!
  10. by   Nurse Fee Fee
    If you want to go on the a regular college most of your classes will probably not transfer
  11. by   forgop
    Ask them what area hospitals are hiring grads from non-accredited schools and see what they say.
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  12. by   Nurse Fee Fee
    NONE Not one
  13. by   forgop
    Quote from Emmi7
    I took my pre-reqs at Ivy Tech as well and I will tell you NOTHING transfers...that was the only drawback other than the cost.
    And other than not being able to get a job, it's really a great program.

  14. by   LAW1157
    First, the term accredited should be clarified. NLNAC is an organization that certifies that you teach to their standard. NLNAC does not give the accrediting for testing for the National Licensing Examination for Nursing Licensure. Only the states have that authority. This accrediting service can be in lew of State accrediting because a state chooses that. You take the same test that everyone in the country takes. So what makes a NLN nurse so different? Nothing. The school is what is recognized as different. I had a graduate who worked next to a graduate from Ivy tech. The NLN grad from Ivy Tech made errors all the time no attention to detail. Where you graduate from has little to do with your ability to nurse; but, if you pay attention to your instructors you will shine. Short cuts are not the focus of a nursing education. The nurse who did not follow the 6 rights of medication administration came from a NLN accredited school. Don't be tricked. Employers can choose to discriminate.