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  1. I hope this was not already covered. I am looking to start school again in the Spring, I have read that schools in Indiana are very competitive. Can anyone tell me anything about University of Indy or Ball State? I know U of I is expensive, but how is there program? Also, has anyone did the degree in 3 at Ball State? What was that like? Anyone who has attended these school all the info you could scrape together for me would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   MedSurgeMess
    I know many that have went to U of I and say for the money it is very worth it! I don't know much about BS, sorry to say, but I know that their reputation for other fields is excellent, so I would think that it would be the same for the nursing program
  4. by   dawn1971
    I am in BSU's second degree fast track program. I have a friend that is in the 3 yr. program. It is HARD. They are STRICT. But, their NCLEX pass rate is one of the best in the state and I honestly believe that I'm learning a lot. I would (and have) recommend BSU nursing program to anyone. Good luck!
  5. by   destinedReeN
    Thanks Dawn1971!!! I think I will also look into Indiana Wesleyan. Today, I spoke with Barbara Ihrke, the chair, and she said as long as my tranfer GPA was 2.8 and I had A&P and Micro completed by May 31st, 2007. I would have a spot. They have no waitlist or participant limit. I don't want to risk having to be on a waitlist. However, I have already applied to Ball State, so I will see what happens. Anybody attending or has attended IWU, please share your experiences.
  6. by   HARRN2b
    I talked to Dawn on the phone. She sounds like she is doing incredibly well. She was also my inspiration to go to "back" to Ball State. She is right, they are strict. They are looking to increase their admission GPA from 2.75 to 3.0 although that has not come to fruition yet. I have 1 last prereq to complete and then I am applying to Ball State. BUT, my undergrad was at BSU, and I had a 3.5. I, now have a 3.75 in my science prereq's. The only other program that I am considering at this time is IU. However, I hear you need a 4.0 to get in there. I am not a 4.0 student under any circumstance. I will guarantee to get a B in something!

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