Teaching with only a ASN?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I hope someone can help with my question. I have been a ASN RN for years and years. I am now getting to the point, healthwise, where bedside nursing is getting very difficult for me.
    I love to teach. I have heard that at IVY TECH, ASN's can teach nursing. One person told me that I can only teach the CNA programs, while someone else told me that I could teach as a clinical instructor but not as a lecturer.
    I have also heard that as a ASN I would be eligible to teach as a substitute health teacher in the public school system.
    Is going back to school for a BSN or a MSN the only way to achieve my goal?

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  3. by   sunnysideup09
    Actually ASNs are not suppose to be teaching clinicals in a PN or RN program. That is set for by the Indiana Nurse Practice Act. There were some Ivy Techs that had ASN nures teaching clinicals, but last I heard they were going to have to find someone else. The NLN is making the rounds and you can't have an ASN on staff teaching clinicals - they could lose their accreditation. Yikes!
    You could get your BSN and teach clinicals. Once you are pursuing your MSN, you can possibly teach theory, but you need to be actively pursuing/have your MSN (this is at Ivy Tech).
    You also could be a substitute teacher and that's for any subject...as long as you have the required number of college hours.
  4. by   racing-mom4
    I know ASNs that are still teaching clinicals at Ivy Tech, they are in school to get thier Masters themself, so maybe that is why they are allowed to teach as they are enrolled in a MSN program??

    I have an ASN friend who teaches Patho at Med Tech as well as Phleb.

    Any one with a degree of any form can sub teach with in the public school system, but you couldnt pay me enough for that!!!
  5. by   nurturing_angel
    LOL! I understand your reluctance to teach in the public school system. I would not enjoy high school but maybe health classes in a elementary or a middle school would be tolerable.
    I guess I need to be looking into going back to school but UGHHHHH I hate the idea after all these years. I have a lot of thinking to do.

    Thanks for the comments and advice. I'll take all the help I can get.

  6. by   racing-mom4
    I see your in the maternity world, what about teaching birthing/parenting/breast feeding classes?

    What about teaching a CNA class? I know alot of temp agencies are offering CNA classes so they can farm the CNAs out to the hospital/nursing homes.

    Some hospitals also teach CNA classes...

    Good luck, I think teaching is great something I love about nursing. I volunteer at the kids elem school on a weekly basis and I always tell the teachers they deserve a million bucks year...they are totally underpaid.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Getting your MSN will give you more options as you age. Look into ADN to MSN options, skip the BSN - at your level of experience, its not going to give you the options that an MSN will!
  8. by   captncourageous98
    How about Nurse consultant through an insurance company? What about chart audits in a nursing home? Work for you state inspecting facilities... open your own business! Hmmm...Out of ideas for now! Good luck!
  9. by   Ginger Vitus
    Ivy Tech is now requiring a Masters, or at least working on one.
  10. by   KacyLynnRN
    I am currently a clinical instructor and I know that the Indiana state board of nursing states that you must have a minimum of a BSN degree to teach LPN students and a MSN degree or a BSN currently enrolled in an MSN program to teach ASN/RN students and almost every school requires a PhD to teach MSN and PhD students. Now if someone is enrolled in an MSN program I think that waives some of the requirements but I am not sure. Hope this helps.
  11. by   vashtee
    At my school (in California), you can be a clinical instructor with an ASN degree after a certain amount of experience.

    They are pretty desperate for instructors here...