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I'm going to be starting Medtech in October, and was wondering if anyone has anything recent to say about the school. Everything I see are reviews from '08-'10 but it seems to be better now? No news... Read More

  1. by   uncledaddy
    Hey guys im a recent Medtech grad in their RN program. I totally regret going to this unaccredited school. I really didn't know any better and was just looking to go back to school fast. There are so many other schools to chose from don't make the same mistake I did. I felt like I really wasnt prepared for the NCLEX, and have yet to find a job.

    There is so much wasted time at this school. Half the time was girls acting childish like they were still in highschool but the school wont do anything about it because they want the money. The other half of the time was like share your personal life and talk about your kids. I felt like maybe 2 hours out a 6 hour day we would actually learn and the rest was ******** around girl time.

    Most the hospitals in Indianapolis wont hire our grads and personally im seriously considering moving out of state because I really dont want to work in a nursing home anymore

    Hey but this is only my take on it all, you can do whatever the **** you wanna do haha
  2. by   Nursingstudent0406
    I would recommend either an IVY Tech, or an IU school. First off you must qualify to be admitted into those programs. Medtech will take anyone in order to make $$. It's also a complete waste because MT is not accredited. You need to see what their NCLEX pass/success rate is. After you graduate and start applying for jobs you will more than likely not get the job if there is another graduate from iu or ivy tech. Medtech is a joke. Employers equate your education to where you graduated. They know what they are getting from ivy tech and iu.
  3. by   RLtinker
    We actually had to go to the Indiana State Board of Nursing today and Med Tech was there for their review. All I can say is OMG, stay away from this school. When a school loses a third of it students and half of the students can't pass the nclex, something is wrong. Then again teas admission scores are in the 40s for the LPN and 50s for the RN. Not to mention the other issues that came up.
    I highly suggest you study and take the COMPASS over, remedial math classes are expensive and they are not count in your GPA. ... I was going to try and see if I could find the COMPASS practice test for you, but actually it looks like the COMPASS was replaced by ACCUPLACER.
  4. by   libran1984
    My buddy went there with Ivy Tech yesterday. Yah.... I heard all about it. One of my friends was faculty for Medtech and had to quit bc she was being scripted by her superiors to feed the students none sense about how "long and difficult the road to accreditation is"

    From what I was told by that former faculty member, Medtech isn't even trying to get their accreditation anymore and the only thing keeping their LPN program accredited was the fact that it was an associate degree and soon even that will be gone.

    That school is the worst rip-off I've ever seen.
  5. by   Wger
    I graduated with my LPN from the Fort Wayne campus. Many people who talk bad abou the school didn't apply themselves to begin with, and wt their failures to be someone elses fault. I truely enjoyed my experience there, and I was working as a charge nurse within 2 weeks of passing state boards. I found Med Tech to be a great school, but it does cost more than others. They have went through many changes within the program, and at the wrong time many times, but if you give it your all (like you should) you will do great!
  6. by   Jennid77
    Thank you for this encouraging post.