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I'm going to be starting Medtech in October, and was wondering if anyone has anything recent to say about the school. Everything I see are reviews from '08-'10 but it seems to be better now? No news is good news kind of a thing? I know their inspection for NLN accreditation is in Septemberish, so I'm kinda banking on them getting approval. The night classes and 21 month graduation date is appealing to me. Then if everything is going well with my kidlet I can move into a BSN program. Opinions anyone?

I have a friend who just finished the RN program there (the Fort Wayne campus) and I asked her how it was. She told me she would never recommend the program to anyone. They were very unorganized and would change things half way through a class.

She said, maybe once that program was a few years older it might be better but for now she would tell people to stay away.

Why would you spend the money and roll the dice that they will become accredited? I don't know of anyone hiring the MedTech grads. If they aren't accredited, your courses are worthless for transfer elsewhere and you spend all that time/money to then find out most of the hospitals won't hire you.

It comes down to this, it's the biggest reason I'm taking the gamble. My daughter has MPS 3a, and I know that in the 2 years it will take me to get through it, she *should* stay fairly healthy. If I commit to FOUR years (maybe more, if I'm waitlisted) I can almost guarantee myself that I won't make it through. My hubby is 10 years older than me and hurt his back. Since he is the sole breadwinner, if he hurts himself again, we are done. The last time he hurt himself it took every ounce of our savings. I need to do something to get a job and I'm just not drivng truck anymore.

Once they are accredited, it should change, being hired on thanks the accreditation, right? That seems to be the biggest issue being hired, is the accreditation. It's a lot of money, but that I have (kinda), time... not so much :D

Oh ya, I'll be attending the Indy Campus.

Even if they get accredidation that doesn't mean the stigma of the place will automatically change. Places will still be hesitant to hire graduates from there for awhile.

Also, there is no guarantee they will get their accredidation. I have seen quite a few threads here where people were told their colleges would get accredidation a few months into the program and years later they still didn't have it.

I understand why you are considering going there, but be very careful. Isn't there any other private colleges you can go to around there that may have a better reputation?

I went to one of the state board hearings downtown and recall one school being turned away and told to come with a whole host of answers to their questions in a few months. The whole process can take a long time. It took iBC/Harrison awhile to get accredited I believe.

What exactly is the stigma? Is it because it's not a University, or is it because it's a new(er) school? I admit, I'm not exactly sure where the reputation is coming from. I have read the bad reviews and I've read good ones, but I just figured that it was people wanting to work vs. not wanting to work and still expecting good grades.

I did look around at my options before I chose to go to Medtech. I will be the first to admit I didn't know that there were "levels" of nurses, I just knew I didn't want to be an LPN. It was literally a "I want to go back to school", let me look stuff up deal. It seemed better than the other college and I just don't have time for Ivy Tech/IU. Besides my grades were HORRID in high school.

The stigma that goes with schools like MedTech that the education is not as good as other schools. That their instructors are not up to par with other schools. They may be new to Indiana, but they have others around the country that have the same stigma. These are just all different things I have heard.

You have to do what's best for you. I would make sure though to call around to places you might be thinking about working and make sure that you will be able to get hired there if you have a degree from MedTech. Also know if you are planning on getting your BSN their credits won't transfer anywhere.

The fact that your grades were horrid in high school has nothing to do with getting into Ivy Tech or IU. Especially if you have been out of school for awhile. I get that you are on a time crunch, but I would hate to see you spend the massive amount of money they want and the time and not be able to get a job afterwards.

I'd specifically ask the academic advisors who are hiring their grads. Most every hospital I've seen in Indy specifically states the require graduation from an accredited school. The stigma is that a lot of these schools are popping up out of everywhere with a profit motive over education. What are their first pass rates on the nclex? Where are they getting clinicals? What are the qualifications of their clinical staff in addition to the class instructors?I went to an info session about 2-3 years ago at MedTech, but I wasn't about to take a gamble on an unaccredited associated program.

Okay, here it goes. I called a few places and no they don't take credits even if they ended up accredited. I did a major about turn and checked out things with Ivy Tech. I squeezed everything into one day and I'm registered and start Monday. Thanks to my math scores, I have to take a remedial math class, but the lady said that since I'm right on the bubble I could take it and then take the Compass again, since it's most likely just my brain needing a refresher course. So ya. Not gonna go to MedTech. I hope time wise I made the right decision. I think I did. Financially I know I did! lol

You should be able to get all your pre-reqs done in a year and apply for Fall 2013 admittance. So you are really only adding a year to what you would have done at MedTech (if you get in to Ivy Tech's nursing program. Shoot for A's in your pre-req classes and a high score on your TEAS exam).

Trust me, Ivy Tech has a MUCH better rep than MedTech.

Good luck!

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