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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been researching for the past couple of days on LPN programs and I think that MedTech might be the best choice for me. I was wondering how many grads have successfully found jobs. I've read a lot of negative posts about going to schools like MedTech, but I haven't really seen any posts from graduates.


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  3. by   indynurse '87
    MedTech has applied for NLN accreditation, but has not received it yet. You may want to wait till they are. Harrison College in Indianapolis has also applied, they had their inspection last October, and should know the results of acception in May.

    Personally, I think I am going to enroll with Indiana State University's online LPN to BSN program. I was going to go back to IVY TECH, but the wait list is too long. And I really do not want to be strapped to a 12 hour clinical that I would have to travel a fair distance to. From what I understand with ISU, there are no clinicals, or testing out of clinicals. You precept with an RN at a local hospital/LTC facility.

    Good luck in your finding what is right for you!
  4. by   xojulia
    Thanks so much!

    I've put MedTech at the bottom of list right now. I'm now looking into either taking pre-reqs at Ivy Tech or going to University of Indianapolis. My friend's sister goes to U of Indy and she's going to get some information for me.

    I'm just not sure I want to pay the high tuition!

    I have a meeting with Brown Mackie today, but from what I've been reading it's a terrible nursing program. So it'll go to the bottom of the list too.

    I have to say.. all this research is frying my brain.
  5. by   Emmi7
    I am currently going to MedTech...for me it was about getting into a program that worked for me. I have two children, single mother, work full time, and after trying to get in a Ivy Tech and not being able to get into their RN program I chose to go to MedTech's night program. So far I feel I have learned a lot and am happy with my decision. I cannot comment on their graduates employment other than knowing the VA and St. Vincent will hire MedTech graduates and Clarian will not until they receive the NLN.
    Good luck with your decision. U of Indy is an excellent school from what I have heard too!
  6. by   Shilamar
    I've been a student at MedTech for quite some time. Im sure they will have their NLN by the time you graduate if you decide to go there. Ill be starting the RN program in April. The program is 21 months for any new student. I think its well worth it.
  7. by   RhondaIndyRN
    Hi All,

    Harrison College has received their NLN accreditation. Med Tech and ITT have not. Hospitals, such as St. Francis, will not hire grads from nursing schools without NLN accreditation because they are working toward magnet status.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  8. by   krogers45
    Hi- I am a recent MedTech grad (04-30-11)
    I obtained a job at St. Vincent hospital shortly before graduating as a graduate nurse and upon passing my boards (on the FIRST try) I transitioned over to an RN position. I took my boards on June 2, found out that I passed via the PVT trick on June 3, got the quick results confirming that I passed on June 4, and began RN orientation on June 5!! I have since helped 2 other classmates obtain positions on my floor (Med/Surg) and more are coming. While there are some Indiana hospitals that won't hire students from Non NLN accredited schools, there are hospitals that hire MedTech students. You have to be diligent in your search. Good luck with your choices!!!

    Krogers, RN
  9. by   Emmi7
    CONGRATS Krogers! That is SO good to hear! I am currently at MedTech, start my 4th quarter next week...clinicals! I am so nervous!! Do you have any advice for making it through the program and preparing for the NCLEX?
    And thanks for sharing your experience...there are so many bad stories about MedTech out here so its good to know that there are graduates passing the NCLEX on their 1st try and getting jobs!
  10. by   BoredAlreadyRN10
    Another MedTech RN grad checking in! I'm tickled pink with my new profession. This has been a dream that was a long while coming. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was very small and took ill what seemed to be every holiday. The nurses made me feel so much better with their kindness and compassion. All I ever wanted was to make someone who felt as bad as I did, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    MedTech helped me achieve part of my goal. It's a stepping stone. I will continue on in my studies from RN to Master's level this year. In a few years I will be Master's prepared. Remember fugit irreparabile tempus. So, ya might as well start now...tick tock folks!

    Please don't allow people to discourage you. There are many employers that hire us, including hospitals. Do what's right for you. I landed a great position with starting pay higher than the hospitals were starting new nurses out.

    My advice for you if you choose MedTech is to take it VERY serious. You have a lot to learn, and you must put forth the work and effort. I studied almost constantly. Whatever they tell you at the informational....Double it. It is not easy. This is not play time, or social hour. Pay attention. There are instructors there some with 20 years + of nursing experience under their belts. That is invaluable! You'll be salivating over that thought once you hit the floor and need some advice. So stay focused, and hang in there.

    Happy nursing!
  11. by   krogers45
    Thx Emmi7!

    I would just suggest that you get everything that you can out of your clinical experiences-good & bad!
    You will NEVER leave any nursing program knowing/remembering everything that was taught to you, so don't try to
    Learn to master you assessment skills-which you have plenty of time to do. Assessment is a HUGE part of practicing as well as a part of your NCLEX questions.
    My biggest advice for passing NCLEX would be to start doing practice questions-NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I started exactly 1 year prior to taking my boards (I was determined).
    I bought/checked out books from the library that included tons of NCLEX questions in content area questions that we were working on.
    Kaplan test strategies is a must to have in order to help you dissect the questions. There are tons of other books as well that have been suggested on this site. ATI was VERY helpful!!!!!!!!!
    Trust that MedTech has/will prepare you with the knowledge that is needed to pass NCLEX!!!
    You just need to understand and recognize what NCLEX is asking. Practicing questions will definitely help!!!

    I apologize for the late response, I don't tend to check daily....but I will try in order to help in any way that I can.

    Congrats!!!! IT'S ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!

    Krogers, RN
  12. by   Emmi7
    Hi Krogers! Sorry I rarely check, work, and kids have taken over ALL of my life! Thanks for all the tips though and helpful information! I am overwhelmed right now with everything to be honest. I am just praying for this quarter to be over. I still don't have my Med-Surg book and have been just barely getting by! Clinicals have been stressful too...I guess I didn't anticipate how much we'd actually be doing so quickly. I am learning a lot though, that is for sure!!
  13. by   Jeosmith619
    How is the scheduling at Med Tech for LPN program
  14. by   Jeosmith619
    the indianapolis campus. i have already started. it is funny how some of the instructors are unrealistic when it comes to having a full time job and family in addition to trying to further your education.