Med Tech, U of Indy...which one?

  1. Ok so I was going to Ivy Tech and due to me quitting back in 2005, then coming back Fall 2009 and passing those classes, I was still placed on financial aid termination because of my completion rate being low, so I appealed the termination and was placed on probation. I did fine during the Spring 2010 semester but this Summer 2010 I decided to take 2 classes, COMM 102 and APHY 102 both online, very bad idea anyway. Put that on top of my apartment being broken into (along with many others in my apartment community) and my computer along with many other things being stolen. So now because I got so behind (I know I am supposed to have a back up computer etc...) I am going to fail both classes! Meaning now my financial aid will be terminated again with Ivy Tech.
    Now I was told that I would still be able to go to another school as long as I hadn't reached the max in loans and financial aid, which I haven't. So now my question is should I got to Med Tech and complete their RN program, they have a full evening program that takes 21 months. OR should I try University of Indianapolis? Although I heard if you had failed any classes at Ivy Tech they would not accept you...?
    If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   mamacashew
    How about explaining to your instructors what happened and asking for an incomplete? That way you can catch up and finish your classes and not lose your FA.
  4. by   ErinRN2B
    First of all, I would suggest meeting with an adviser at Ivy Tech and discussing what happened. That's the reason incompletes were invented - honestly, I'm not sure exactly how that would affect your financial aid, but surely it wold be better than an F?

    As far as transferring to another school... I don't really know that much about U of Indy. I've heard good things about the school, but I think it's fairly hard to get into their program, and I don't think it's that cheap either. It's been discussed on here before, but I don't believe that MedTech is fully accredited yet. And I know there are many hospitals in the Indy area who aren't hiring MedTech grads. The first thing they told us at the Lafayette Nursing orientation was that the job climate for nurses is becoming much more competitive. MedTech is also very expensive, much more so than Ivy Tech. And their credits don't transfer.

    Have you looked into IUPUI? My mother-in-law got her RN there years ago, and I've had a lot of friends go there and have heard nothing but good things. I'm not sure of it's exact cost, but I'm sure it's cheaper than U of Indy or MedTech, and I know they accept Ivy Tech credits.
  5. by   Emmi7
    Unfortunately I would have to appeal again and they said the odds of a second appeal being approved are slim to none. I did explain to my instructors that in the middle of the semester my apartment was broken into but they were not willing to let me catch up due to it being my responsibility for having a backup plan.
    I am actually going to call IUPUI today...if I go there I know I will end up changing my major to social work more than likely.
  6. by   krogers45
    I am currently enrolled in the MedTech night program with 2 more quarters to go. MedTech is just like any other school starting out. They are accredited, but as far as NLNAC accreditation, they are in their candidacy right now. They had to have a successful graduating class of RN's in order to accomplish that. Accreditation with NLNAC is expected to be obtained by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. I, too came from Ivy Tech and was tired of retaking classes thinking that I would obtain a spot within the program only to realize that I had been wasting money and time. I was tired of going to school and MedTech had no waiting list when I started. As far as recommending the school, I would have to say....If you want to get in and get out and don't mind putting forth effort to teach yourself at times, then go for it. Some of the instructors are also instructors for IU, U of I, and other Universities, so the knowledge is there. There are times though that since it is an accelerated program that things are rushed through. There are also times when it seems as though no one within the whole faculty knows what is going on! It is extremely expensive and if I had the patience to endure more schooling, I would have waited on a more established school. However, I'm here and will be graduating in Mar 2011.
    Alot of hospitals state that they do not accept MedTech grads but in reality most do. We had a graduating class in December and they all have jobs within a variety of hospitals. I do know that Clarian does not accept any grads that come from schools that are not NLNAC accredited. That includes ITT, Brown Mackey, Harrison, etc.
    Anyhow, to make a long story short- if you're tired of going to school to obtain an ASN degree, MedTech may work for you. NLNAC accredited or not- everyone from every school in Indy take the SAME NCLEX exam. It does not go by what school you attended.
    Please let me know if I can answer any other questions regarding MedTech.
    Good Luck in your decision
  7. by   Emmi7
    Hi krogers45! Thank you for all that information, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind...
    So with the night program do you attend Monday thru Friday from 5:30p-10:00p? When are your clinicals?
    Do the credits really transfer to Indiana Wesleyan?
    As far as the cost? Did you receive financial aid and/or loans? Are you having to pay any cash out of pocket?
  8. by   krogers45
    Hi again!
    Classes are scheduled M-F 5:30 -10:10p.m for classes worth 5 credits. 3 credit classes have just been adjusted to 5:30-8:30p.m. You only attend classes 4 days of the week starting out and it could be on any day within the week (M-F). Once you get into your clinicals, if you are a night student, your classes are on Saturdays (7-7p.m.)
    I know!! But it really is very educational and I feel it is beneficial to applying everything that you have learned. I only have 2 classes a week along with the Saturday clinical, so it gives me time to prepare and do some extra studying. The majority of students (me included) receive financial aid, grants, and also have to apply for Stafford loans. Along with all of that, there is money paid out of pocket depending on how much you receive in grants and financial aid. It is very expensive! A suggestion would be to not buy their books and possibly renting them through I feel that they overcharge for the books which makes the out of pocket money required to increase. Some books, of course should be purchased to keep and use as a reference later, but the others are extremely abnormally expensive! Tuition alone is 4875.00 . Books, ATI fees, Clinical rotation fees, etc., are not included in that price. I would have to reiterate that it isn't a horribly bad school. Its a new school and I'm sure that the other well known Nursing schools had alot of the same growing pains at some point before obtaining their accreditation. So I think that it will be ok in the end.
    MedTech is accredited through the Indiana Board of Nursing along with IvyTech, Marian, U of I, etc. You can check the website at
    Yes, Indiana Weslyan accepts their credit as well as a few other schools if you want to transition from ASN to BSN. I could double check for you.
    Let me know if you need anything else. I would be more than willing to honestly answer any and all questions that you may have. I was most definitely in your shoes a year ago and would have welcomed any and all information before attending MedTech.
  9. by   Emmi7
    Thank you so much for all the information! I really appreciate it!! I am going to sign up for an information session August 4th and hopefully get enrolled for this September!
    I think the thing I am most worried about is the cost and how I will be able to pay for it...
    I like that I will be able to still work and go to classes, although I know studying will be hard, I can't afford to quit working.
    As far as the NLNAC accreditation I know I should be worried about it but the state has approved them and the credits will transfer to NLNAC accredited schools so I am praying it will be ok.
  10. by   Emmi7
    Ok so I went to an information session last night and although there are some things I am not too happy about, mainly price, I do think this is the right program for me. I love the idea of a full evening program and I really like the staff.
    Currently there is a "wait list" for the September start date (RN program not the LPN) but I am hoping I get bumped up. I was surprised they only have 25 spots each for the night program.
    Anyway, I am going to take the TEAS in the morning so wish me luck!
    And thanks again krogers45 for all the info!!
  11. by   Emmi7
    UPDATE!! I took the TEAS and I passed...I was really scared because I was the first done and I just knew I failed the Science but I actually did really well! YEAH!!!! I am so excited...I am now waiting for the admin. to set up my interview.
    Krogers, what is the interview like? Do you have any tips? I am so nervous.
  12. by   Born2BANurse1
    I am so gland to finally hear a decent post about schools that are not NLNAC accredited at this moment but are seeking it and on the list if you look it up. I am starting at ITT Tech Sept 14th,2010 in their RN program. I read so many reviews and everyone tralking about don't do it they screw you. Like you said We all take the same boards and all get the same license.
  13. by   Born2BANurse1
    I am glad to see a couple people not bad talking Med Tech and other schools like it such as ITT Tech. I was accepted in the RN program at ITT Tech for Sept 14,2010. I almost got scared and gave my spot up. I kept reading all kinds of negative things about the school not being NLNAC accredited. It is a new program and they are accredited threw the Indiana State board of Nursing, they applied for the NLNAC part but still have to wait til the first class takes boards. I am sure they will get it. Every new nursing program has to go threw the same steps.
  14. by   Emmi7
    You are definitely right! Do what your first instinct tells you to do. I am not sure if ITTs credits transfer but like with Med Tech, Indiana Wesleyan accepts their credits so if I do encounter a big problem I can always go there for the RN-BSN program. But I am sure within 2 years each of our schools will get the accreditation.

    Good Luck!!