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Anyone heard about or is going through this new program from Indiana State University from The College Network. And if so, what do they mean when they say "completing your clinicals with a local... Read More

  1. by   jlrlpn47
    I just left a message on the forum... I am going this route and it seems to be a great deal. This is how it plays out...

    There are three phases. Phase one is taking tests to get all of your general studies done through local testing centers (places like sylvan learning centers or community colleges). The college network provides binders that give you all of the information you nee to pass the tests... This phase is great because ANY college classes you have taken (no matter when you took them count towards the classes you have to account for toi enter the BSN program). You do these tests in the order that you want to do them, at your own pace. The only thing is is that you can't get federal aid to pay for this part... I am financing through the college network.

    Second phase four nursing classes done the same way as phase one.

    Then phase three is through Indiana State University and you take the classes online. The clinicals are done through a hospital in our area... they will have a partnership with ISU. There will be a masters prepared nurse at that location monitoring your progress in your clinical work. The only time you have to go to ISU is for the graduation ceramony when you are done!

    The total cost of my LPN-BSN eduacation (a 4 yr degree in 3-5 years) is $23,000) and the Indiana State portion can be funded by federal student aid.

    Good luck!
    Hope this helps!!!
  2. by   tmeny
    I am also interested in the College Network. Can someone let me know if you or someone you faired out or completed the program with them?
  3. by   tmeny
    I am also interested in the College Network. Can someone let me know if you or someone you faired out or completed the program with them? I am interested in an Associated degree!
  4. by   mary23
    Pretty sure it means a site accepted by both the college and the state when i looked into it it was hospitals with certain credentials, hope that helps a little
  5. by   mary23
    Quote from tmeny
    i am also interested in the college network. can someone let me know if you or someone you faired out or completed the program with them? i am interested in an associated degree!
    can you study independently? if not it will be very very hard!
  6. by   jevvy101
    Hi everyone,

    I am currently complete 4 pre-reqs that i will need to start the LPN to BSN with ISU. I really am excited about this as at my age, I am thinking of moving out of bedside nursing.

    Can someone who is in this program give me an insight as what to expect.?

    Phase 1, I think is getting all the pre-reqs, but somewhat confused about Phase 2 and 3.

  7. by   akanini
    I don't think this program is approved in my state. Is there any way to get around this? Do you have to live in a certain state or have a license from the state in order for it to get approved? Can I put down another state as my address and apply? I'm totally confused. HELP!
  8. by   trying2makeit
    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has started or completed this program. I am a bit concered about "jumping in" as well.

  9. by   funsize
    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't University of Phoenix offer this program? I could have sworn I saw it as an online option...
  10. by   wzvh3c
    i am considering the isu lpn to bsn program also and would like to talk to a few students before making a finale decision. first a little background on myself i graduated in 5/2008 with as an lpn from ivy tech in kokomo, indiana. from talking to the isu counselor who reviewed my transcript i have meet all the prerequisites except the 2nd psychology class (life span development). the counselor also informed me that it was up to me to find a preceptor for my clinicals. currently i do not work in the health care industry, have a full time day job and would have to take the clinicals in the evening. i probably wouldn't work as a nurse until i get a bsn therefore i'm not "plugged" into the network so to speak and therefore wouldn't know who to ask. so what do i do put up signs on the bulletin boards in the local hospital asking for preceptors or run an employment add in the newspaper? has anybody in the program had problems getting preceptors? there are 2 hospitals in kokomo and naturally i would like to do my clinicals here but there is also an ivy tech committee college and an indiana univ. nursing college in town also competing for clinical hours at the hospitals, which is another concern. i would like to talk to some one who is in the isu program who lives in north central indiana and get there feedback on the program. thanks in advance for the help. rick
  11. by   akamel
    i have also talked with an advisor from tcn and it sounds great--esp. about clinicals. no 3 day clinical, thats just too scary!! its more of traditional clinical which i love. i really want to start right away but it costs $200/month and my husband is out of work right now!! any ideas???
  12. by   simonton816
    how much does this program cost i am moving to fortwayne soon and wnat to get into a lpn to rn or bsn program but money is tight
  13. by   suextwo
    just met with "Chuck" from College Network. Awesome guy - no baloney - knows his stuff and doesn't try to manipulate at all. this is an excellent option for some people - must be intrinsically motivated. from what i understand, the clinical component is not an issue (i had been concerned that it was). I may do it - or not - but would definitely recommend you talk to them. Chuck answered all my questions. as far as cost - it is not at all out of the ball park - Yes, it's more than community college, but not nearly what you'd pay for private school. Besides, who else offers the LPN to BSN? check it out.