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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   AnneMarie
    Csab--Thanks for the suggestion about the transcript. I will definitely get that done! I didn't know we needed our high school transcript too....That's so strange. You'd think that a 4-year Bachelors degree would negate the need for a high school transcript! lol! Well, I will not cease to be amazed with all of the things that I'm sure we'll encounter in this program!

    I can't wait to hear from those of you who are still waiting to get your letters--I'm sure you'll all do just fine!! Please be sure to post and let us know!

    I sent my acceptance e-mail last night, so hopefully I'll get an e-mail soon with instructions of some sort!
  2. by   sunny1230
    I asked what number I was on the alternate list and they wouldn't tell me...annoying! I don't see why it would be a problem!
  3. by   csab
    Sunny, sorry they wouldn't tell you! That must be an Indy campus thing because I know people in the past came on here and said they were number such-and-such on the list.

    Just sent my email to confirm my acceptance.
  4. by   crazylife2

    I looked up the NSG courses listed on Ivy's website...fun to be looking to see what the possibilities of our classes might be. Clinical sites for NSG105 are listed as well. I wander if we have any input in which side of town for clinical site each semester or if they just assign us a hospital site. Anyone know how this is done for Indy campus?
  5. by   MistyMiss
    At the info session they said that they "try" to put us at the hospitals we are closest to, it would be great if that worked out. It has to be hard to schedule us that way.

    Just out of curiosity I am trying to figure out the cut-off points for Indy this round. I have a friend that made the ASN program in Indy with 204. Has anyone heard of any lower scores?
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  6. by   2bsy2slp
    Well everyone, I got my letter today, and I didn't get in. I am almost embarrassed to post this. But everyone has been so supportive and nice, I felt I must be honest and let you know what happened. I'm not too upset because at least I know. I also applied for the LPN program as well, so hopefully I will get the opportunity to start that program in the Spring. Those letters don't go out until the 15th of October so the wait for me begins again. I won't lie and say that I don't feel like I failed in some way, but I know that there is a plan for all of us and sometimes the route that we may want to take may not be the route that is best for us.
  7. by   sunny1230
    MistyMiss, I had a 197 and I got into the LPN, but not ASN. So apparently somewhere between 197 and 204...

    2bsy2slp, don't be ashamed! everything happens for a reason and I'm sure you'll do great
  8. by   MistyMiss
    2bsy, keep up the good work! I just know you will get accepted soon!

    Thank you so much for posting Sunny, I am hoping that we can get some fairly accurate numbers as to what it took to get in this semester in Indy.
  9. by   slewison
    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Indy is doing the ASN year and a half program and the full and part time programs yet. It looks like the points to get into Indy were high and I was wondering what their program is like. Thanks
  10. by   AnneMarie
    2bsy2slp I'm so sorry that you didn't get in for ASN, but things DEFINITELY happen for a reason and hopefully you'll get into the LPN program. I'm glad you posted to let us know--I actually got online just now before going to bed to see how everyone did today!

    As for the Indy year and a half program, the only thing I know is that the program is 4 semesters and you're able to go through the summer, which basically means you CAN graduate in a year and a half. I'm not sure if going through the summer is mandatory or optional, but I guess if you didn't go through the summer, it would be a two year process from start to finish (with summers off). I'm sure it will go quickly, though it still sounds like a really long time in my head!

    Boy I sure hope they try their best to keep our clinical sites as close to our homes as possible....I drive 45 minutes each way to work right now and I am looking forward to hopefully not having to do that once school starts!!
  11. by   pezamistik
    I'm sorry to hear you didn't get in to the ASN program 2bsy2slp
    That really sucks. I was really hoping you'd get in since you're like the only other one on the board from up here in Region 1. I hope you get in to the LPN program so you can get started on some of the nursing courses.
  12. by   csab
    2bsy2slp, do not be embarrassed or ashamed at all. . . I'm sure you will be posting in a few weeks that you are starting the LPN program. You have a goal and you will reach it, even if it takes a little while longer. Maybe this way you will have an employer who will pay for your transition to RN down the road!
  13. by   Ado Annie
    Has anyone heard from Kokomo?