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Is this considered bullying?

Hi all :) if I am wrong about this situation please let me know. I am a brand new nurse and I started my first job two weeks ago. My first week I noticed my preceptor was harsh on one of the...

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RN's and LPN's working as Nursing Assistants?

If you came into your facility and they asked you to work as a nursing assistant for the day for your regular nursing pay, would you agree to it? Why or why not? If you would, or if someone else...

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Los Gatos ER Physician in the News

Anyone have any thoughts on the ER doctor from Los Gatos who has been all over the news today? Apparently a college student came in complaining of an anxiety attack and according to the news, the...

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Damion Jenkins

Alarm Fatigue: Patient Safety in Today's Healthcare Marketplace - A Four Part Series

One of the greatest challenges in today’s rapidly changing healthcare system is maintaining the highest standards for patient safety. In part two of this four part safety series, we talked about the...

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Student nurse in recovery

Hi all! I'm a 24 year old student nurse who got sober from alcohol and prescription amphetamines a little over 2 years ago. I started out as a biomedical sciences/research major and then switched to...

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What Can We Learn about the Recent Celebrity Suicides?

You only have to open a newspaper or click on a recent news article on the web to find that another celebrity or sports figure has committed suicide. From CBS news: "The deaths of designer Kate Spade...

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Which job offer to accept

I am a new grad who has worked in critical care as a HUC/PCT for the past 4 years while in school. Unfortunately, my unit cannot hire a new grad at this time... so I have interviewed and been offered...

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Any certifications I can earn as a student to better my resume for when I graduate?

This summer I have been looking at the various certifications a new graduate nurse can earn to better their education and make their resume stronger (ex. CCRN). I will graduate in about a year with...

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One year left!!!

365 days plus however long it takes the powers to be to remove me from the system. Anyone out there on TPAPN step down or final year without step down. Do the drug tests decrease? I'd like to start...

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CNA interview

Hey everyone, I just finished up my CNA classes 10 days ago and passed both written test and skills test. I have applied to many places of nursing homes and hospitals. So 3 days ago I got an...

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Falling Asleep

So I need some advice. I started a new job recently. I was new to working 12 hour shifts and it was only my second time with 3 days in a row. I am definitely not making excuses for myself at all, but...

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What happens if you are injured on your way to clinical due to weather?

My nursing school says that weather is not a valid reason to miss clinicals. Well, if it's snowing heavily and there's a big storm, and I get into an accident because they're forcing me to come in,...

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Do nurses tend to be enablers?

A coworker yesterday was distracted by a drama with a friend. She had refused to loan her car to the friend, so the friend started texting how she would be better off dead, was a waste of a space,...

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What is considered a positive TB test, 10mm or 15mm?

In school I was taught 15mm but on CDC its giving two different answers which can i go by for standard?

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I miss The Commuter!

The Commuter hasn't been active here for some time. I hope she is well. As I recall she was working towards an advanced degree and was preoccupied with that. She was a fantastic contributor here, and...

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Patient Aspirating

Hi everyone, I have been a nurse for 1 year and just had a question about a situation, wanting to make sure I did the right thing. A patient was sitting up at 90 degrees eating, talking on phone...

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I'm the only one who fund this funny

In my facility we basically have trash bins on wheels. You put bags over a metal frame to keep the bag open, and you put your trash in there I was just coming in for a night of work, so I went...

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Challenge Nursing Board?

I'm new to the site, but I have a question. I'm a recently honorably discharged Army Medic, and came across some information. California allows Veteran Medics to take the LVN state licensing exam...

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2 Med errors in a week

Hey guys, I am a newly graduated baby RN working in a paeds clinic. It is an extremely busy clinic with a lot of movement in and out of the consultation rooms/treatment rooms. My clinic is unable to...

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So im wondering any new nurses in Texas with stipulations on their license able to find a job!? Any info would be great and appreciated

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