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Has anyone use a index card software to make index cards, if so which one?

Thanks For Your Input!!!


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I would love indexcard software. I always end up printing the stuff from my notes then pasting it to the cards. I got a really neat little notebook designed just for index cards at Walmart. Good luck with your search, I'll be coming back to see if you have any luck, Berta


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Funny you should ask because at this moment I'm taking a break from making flash cards for my microbiology exam next week that I downloaded . The program is called WinFlash Educator ( and it is really good. You can download a trial version and use it for 30 days. I am very impressed and am considering buying it for my upcoming nursing courses.

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It's actually better (if possible) to handwrite your own index cards. There is something about making a connection from writing things down that makes you remember it better.


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I agree about handwriting your index cards, it does act as another means of retaining information. However, I find that when I'm really tired its almost impossible to read my own writing. Little bit of carpal tunnel going on, either that or old age.


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Typing in your cards into a program I think serves the same purpose as writting them. It will enforce the material and help in retaining. The real upside to using software is that you don't have to worry about losing your cards or having your young kids destroy them as has happened on several occassions with me. With the program I mentioned above, you can also download the program into a Palm to avoid having to carry a stack of cards around whereever I go. The bottom line: go with what works best for you.


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I was doing a search for flash cards and this is what I located.


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Thank you so much Fox have hit the Memory lifter site today and have made nearly 100 cards already that I can either print or use online so cool. Thanks again xx

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