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Hi All. I just started my last year of nursing school and am enrolled in a 1-credit independent study course in Maternity. Basically, the sky is the limit in terms of topics for me to focus on (home births, water births, circumcision pros/cons, etc, etc). I was hoping you might be able to help me come up with some interesting and/or unique topics and ways in which to learn about them (reading, observing a practicioner, etc). Thanks in advance!


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Well I am a lactation consultant--so i would say breastfeeding!!


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Now that sounds fun--I would love to have the opportunity to do independent study. Anyway, let's see...are there different cultural/ethnic groups in your community? You could compare birth practices/beliefs. Interview people, observe, etc. Good luck!


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May I suggest you begin by browsing the MANY topics archived right here at the nurse midwifery/OB/GYN boards? I am sure there are many topics there that will stimulate you and provide you with MORE than enough food for thought! Best wishes on your paper and your studies.


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I wrote a paper about midwifery around the world when I was training...not sure what time span you have need time to get snail mail replies from far flung places


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how about the safety and outcomes of CNM deliveries vs. physician deliveries, routine episiotomy, circumcision, breastfeeding, laboring in water? the need for evidenced based nursing practice not "because we always did it like this".

sounds fun!


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Fascinating topic in terms of both the physical and emotional ramifications of to the mom, baby,family, and healthcare team.


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Whatever topic you choose, make suer to limit your topic enough so that you don;t drive yourself crazy over it. Good luck.

You could always write about a topic near and dear to my heart, "risks/complications of routine induction of labor" to include an emphasis on the c-section rates noted :rolleyes:

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