Increasing anxiety due to LTC


I have been working in LTC for about a year and half, been an RN for 6 years with clinic experience. I never wanted to work in LTC but had not choice once I was laid off at my previous place. I mostly enjoy the residents, get some anxiety/nervousness with the residents who have confusion and need extra help during the night. The last couple of months I have been so depressed, the nights I dont work I just want to stay in bed,think about how I nave work and how I can't do it. I know I don't feel confident, always worried something is going to happen and I won't know what to do. I wasnt orientated to the facility very well so have been finding out when things arent done right after the fact. I can get my med pass done in time but the constant anxiety over not being able to do this is getting to me. I started an antidepressant but it made me really sick so I had to start another. It got to the point I needed to take a couple of weeks off in order to try to get the meds to work. I am scared to go back but if I don't I fear I wont' be able to find another nursing job.I am not outgoing and the local hospital treated me very poorly because of it-not that I dont get my work done, or get along with patients, but the other nurses caused me trouble.There arent really any other options here but I dont know what to do. I have 4 kids and a husband that are all affected by what is going on with me.


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A year and a half is an awfully long time to not have become used to a job. And you talk about not having been oriented? Sounds like you may be more depressed than you let on- you don't mention a heavy workload, or etc...But here we go again, talking night shift- it's unhealthy physically and mentally, all the way. Some peeps were born nocturnal, most were not.

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I think now that this post is 7 years ago but I am wondering how you are doing?? Did you find another job??


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Dani - OP hasn't been back since 2013. Hopefully, things did work out for her.